Mobile Games - Feb 26, 2020 What Are The Best Earphones For PUBG Mobile For Budget Gamer?

Features - Feb 26, 2020

Rita - MC For League of Legends In China - Is A Heavenly Beautiful Angel

The biggest League of Legends tournament in China - the LPL - has an extremely beautiful, but not so famous MC. She is Rita.

Features - Feb 26, 2020

Bob Iger Stepped Down From The CEO of Disney After 15 Years, Bob Chapek Is The New CEO

Bob Iger - who has been the CEO of Disney since 2005 - has just stepped down, and the new CEO of Disney will be Bob Chapek.

Mobile Games - Feb 20, 2020

What Are The Best Headphones For PUBG Mobile In Different Sections?

What are the best headphones for PUBG Mobile? We will bring you some of the best headphones in different sections in this article today.

Mobile Games - Feb 20, 2020

Best Phones For PUBG Mobile: Cheap Gaming Smartphones Are Real

What are the best phones for PUBG Mobile? Are they supposed to be expensive? Today we'll bring you the answers to these two questions in this article.

PC/Console - Feb 20, 2020

PUBG vs PUBG Lite: Is PUBG Lite The Best Option For Indian Gamers?

PUBG vs PUBG Lite has been a big question among PUBG community in our country, and today we will deeply analyze this topic for you guys.

Features - Feb 19, 2020

PUBG Mobile Twitch Streamer Cut Her T-Shirt To Show Her Boobs Right On Livestream

We have been hearing so much about accidentally sexy Twitch streamer being banned, how about a girl cutting her T-Shirt on Livestream to show her boobs?

Features - Feb 19, 2020

Ben Affleck Revealed The True Reason Why He Left Solo Batman Movies

Ben Affleck left his own solo Batman movie project although he signed the contract. And finally he has the confidence to tell us the real reason now...

Features - Feb 19, 2020

Bhumi Pednekar Haunts Bollywood With Her New Pics To Tease Her New Horror Film

The new horror movie of Bhumi Pednekar will be available on this Friday, so the actress decided to haunt our mind with her new photos.

Features - Feb 18, 2020

Who Are The 20 Richest Celebs In Our Country In 2020?

Who are the richest celebs in our country, and how much money do they actually have? Today we will bring you the precise answers to those questions.

Features - Feb 18, 2020

Aalambana Actress Parvati Nair Brings Black Magic To Her New Photos

The Bollywood actress Parvati Nair has just rolled out a series of new photos from her new photoshoot to gain attention to her new movie Aalambana.

Features - Feb 18, 2020

Bill Gates Explains The Biggest Disadvantage Of Electric Car Besides Price: The Long Charging Time

Electric vehicles are believed to be the future of transportation, but why are they so limited now? Let's hear the explanation of Bill Gates.