Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been a massive success for both Square Enix and Sony – and part of that is probably the complete character model redesign of pretty much everyone in the game. Characters from FF7 Remakes look beautiful – and when coupled with the game’s popularity, lead to a massive wave of cosplayers. Aerith and Tifa are the two characters with the biggest number of cosplayers – both of them have relatively easy to make costumes, not too elaborate or sexy.

Aeriths Actor Has An Amazing Reaction
She is pretty dedicated, with both a specialized wig and colored contact lenses

Below is an album of Aerith Gainsborough by Peachmilky – this is probably one of the best Aerith cosplayers we have seen yet. The girl has a relatively pretty face, decent body, and adept makeup ability. Her personal Instagram page can be found here.

Photo 1 1587532600927963420966
The lingerie version of the character - this is pretty much pure fanservice

Photo 2 15875326034061630012461

Aerith has a pretty important role in the story of Final Fantasy 7. She is the last survivor of an ancient race with mystical powers - the game's main villain organization, SHINRA corp., was after her because of that. They need her power to accomplish their nefarious plans, however, she was then killed by Sephiroth. It is not sure that the same thing is going to happen in Final Fantasy 7 Remake - based on what we got from the game, this looks like a completely new storyline instead of the original 1997 version.

Photo 4 1587532602424508809537
Aerith is a white mage/healer/support in Final Fantasy 7 - her abilities are all floral-themed
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Aerith's dress and jacket set is relatively easy to make
Photo 3 1587532602911259758806
The infamous shot from the game, with Aerith giving Cloud a flower
Photo 6 15875326019061575696674
A full frontal view of the set

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