An esports center in Kansas City, Kansas State, USA has just been the crime scene of a shooting in the last weekend. This incident has been confirmed by the Kansas City Police Department. There have been three people injured as the result of the shooting. One person among those three people are still in the critical condition.

That esports center is Local Legends Gaming, and it is located in the Midtown Kansas City. The event took place in the middle of an event in the esports center on Saturday, May 25. That event was supposed to be a party at the end of the year for college students, but it turned into a shooting when the event was going on for about 90 minutes. This shooting seemingly was the result of a fight.

Local Legends Gaming
Local Legends Gaming - the crime scene

There were some policemen roaming near the scene at about 11:48 pm when they heard gunshots and witnessed people running out of Local Legends Gaming. There were totally three people injured in the incident, 2 of them were the direct victims of gunshots, with one are now still in critical health condition. This person has been taken to the hospital immediately.

The third person injured in the incident was trampled only, and he suffered no injuries that can threaten his life.

The owner of Local Legends Gaming – Mr. AbdulRasheed Yahaya (31 years old) told the police that he did not know for sure the number of people taking part in the event in his esports center. However, he confirmed that he had four security guards on duty during the time of the event to operate big event in his esports center.

Abdulrasheed Local Legends
Mr. AbdulRasheed Yahaya

The police have not said anything about capturing anyone related to the shooting yet. There have been shootings in gaming centers that took the lives of people. Luckily, there was no casualty in this incident, but it is still an alarm for the threat of violence while playing games. Hopefully, all the victims will recover fast from the incident.