We sat down and had a talk with the BLAST Pro Series Madrid MVP Jani "Aerial" Jussila after a convincing 2-0 victory over Astralis in the final claim the trophy.

ENCE won BLAST Pro Series Madrid after bringing down the currently #1 team, Astralis, putting an end to their 31 consecutive wins on Nuke in the process. After the victory, we caught up with first time MVP contender Aerial to get his after-match thoughts.

Aeriel 160 Hours 01
The well-deserved MVP of the series

Aerial's performance in BLAST pro series Madrid

In the interview, we talked to Aerial about ENCE and their amazing performance in Madrid, his practice before the tournament and individual performances, unimaginable victory on Nuke, and what the team is looking for later on.

Before the event, we talked to Aleksib and got his opinion that it was a great milestone to beat Na`Vi and start winning against good teams like them. ENCE went on to raise everyone's eyebrows with their eventual victory over Astralis in the BO3 final.

Aerial said that they definitely exceeded their expectations. He felt that they'd do pretty well in the tournament and make it to the final. He wasn't sure if they would put up a decent fight to beat Astralis though. But it happened, with everyone getting hyped at some points, doing their jobs, good communication and everything going smoothly.

Aeriel 160 Hours 02
Everyone was comfortable with the match

It's been over a month since ENCE played in a LAN environment, and everyone was just so excited to attend and perform. For quite a while, they just played some online matches, took a small vacation and didn't have any practice, and once they got back to CS:GO,  they still had much motivation to achieve something. They all liked it here and everything was great.

When asked about his individual performance, Aerial said that he was a bit inconsistent, as usual. Sometimes he could be the best player on his team, but he could also be the worst one. This tournament he stepped up almost every game, except one, and he spent a lot of hours preparing for the event. He had like 160 hours in two weeks just for practice prior to this tournament. What he did was pretty much just sleeping and playing CS:GO all day. He really wanted to win this tournament and get the MVP, as well.

Aeriel 160 Hours 03
160 hours of practice into getting the MVP

Before the final, Aerial got into aim_botz to practice and get his confidence back. With a good mindset and focus during the match, Aerial performed really well in the final. Moreover, they got good preparation for the Nuke map pick from Astralis. Aerial revealed that his coach got some stuff for the Nuke to take on Astralis in their most dominant territory. Although they knew Astralis were really good at adapting to situations, ENCE put up great performances to out-wit and out-maneuver the Danes.

To close out the interview, we asked Aerial about the future for the team they were looking for. He was really optimistic and said defeating Astralis is quite a milestone and the top 1 spot is within reach for them if they could keep up their good form and performance as theirs at the BLAST pro series Madrid here.