Free Fire has been growing steadily to become the second biggest Mobile game in the Indian market, behind PUBG Mobile. With its growth, a steady stream of sponsors and funds were immediately put into Esports – both amateur and pro level.

Free Fire Brawler Bash

Free Fire Brawler Bash is the culmination of that effort – it is an open-for-all tournament that anyone can compete in. If you hope to become a pro player or streamer, this is your chance. The prize pool of the tournament is a whopping 1,50,000 diamonds.

1 - Free Fire Brawler Bash’s format

This tournament has a rather unique format that no other BR tournaments have taken before. In this event, no placement points will not be awarded for surviving the map, only for kills. Every kill would give the scored team 2 points

Free Fire Brawler Bash

This would dramatically change the speed of the matches and how players have to approach it. If they take too long, all enemies would have been killed off, giving them nothing to be gained. This has a weakness, however, as teams can even try to kill themselves by suicide in order to deny other teams from gaining points. Furthermore, if anyone quit on Spawn Island, their team would be hit with a minus 3 points.

2 - How to join Brawler Bash through Free Fire Cup?

The Free Fire Cup or FFC mode would be available in-game from today onward. The registration process would start from tomorrow, July 8, and last for 3 days until July 10. To be eligible for this tournament, you would need to be at least level 40 and have Diamond rank or above.

Free Fire Brawler Bash

A “Tickets” feature would appear in the FFC section. By default, the display would show 0/8 tickets. However, after your registration is successful, it would become 8/8. These tickets would allow you to join FFC matchmaking.

FFC matchmaking would be active from 18:00 to 23:00 on July 10. Unused tickets would be removed after this period of time – make sure to spend all of them or as many as possible.

Free Fire Brawler Bash

3 - How to create squad to join Free Fire Brawler Bash

First, you need to create a squad in the FFC section by selecting the FFC icon > Create. A popup will appear for your information to be filled in. Complete the form and invite 3 teammates to complete the team.

You can also click on “Join” and invite friends who also met the same criteria to participate in the event.

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