If you are into FPS – first-person shooting – games, then you need no introduction for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Call of Duty (CoD). Throughout the years, we have witnessed some good jokes as well as mean one from CS:GO community toward CoD community and vice versa, especially esports community. And recently the situation was heated up.

In the pre-game entertainment for a match in a Minor CS:GO tournament (the IEM Katowice Minor), the desk host Tres ‘Stunna’ Saranthus was boosting the hype of viewers when the threw in a sarcastic joke aiming toward the game Cod:

This comment certainly aimed to the similarities between the map Nuketown in CoD and the map Nuke in CS:GO. Both of these maps are legendary and famous for FPS gamers, but we all know Nuke has a longer history than Nuketown since its first debut was in the Counter-Strike BETA 4.0 (released in 2000). Up to this moment, there is no hard evidence whether Nuketown is a copycat of Nuke or not still, the community say quite a lot about the similarity between 2 maps.

Csgo De Nuke A Site 22nd Aug 2013 Update
Nuke map has many copycats due to its popularity

However, when it comes to professional esports, it cannot be considered a harmless joke anymore. Normally, during the time between matches, the host usually entertain viewers by the informative analysis of the matches, making jokes about poor plays or sometimes even making the jokes about other hosts or themselves. But Stunna decided to go further by using the wordplays for the game and the map tittles. If this is a way of Stunna getting attention from viewers and media, he certainly succeeded.

So far, we have not seen the reaction from the CoD esports community or from the CS:GO community after the incident. Nevertheless, this action has indeed been recorded, and we will see what the community will say about this.