As we have reported, ESL has decided to upgrade their ESL One into ESL One Mumbai on April 19th to 21st, 2019 with a $300.000 prize pool. The tournament will feature 12 teams, with seven teams have direct invitations to the ESL One Mumbai, with other five teams will be selected through the qualifier. And just a few hours ago, ESL has published their procedures for the qualifier.

There are two rounds for the qualifier of the 2019 ESL One Mumbai: the open qualifier and the closed qualifier. Since there will be five teams attending the 2019 ESL One Mumbai after the qualifier, ESL decided to give the opportunities for teams from 5 regions: Europe, North America (NA), China, South East Asia (SEA) and India. The procedures for the qualifier will be all the same for all five regions. The open qualifier will take place first in these five regions from 29th January to 1st February 2019 (which is happening right now) on online channels by ESL. All the teams (even non-professional teams) can sign up for the open qualifier, so long as the participant teams can meet the requirements about the nationalities of team members from ESL. In the open qualifier, teams will compete in bo1 (best of one) matches to determine the Elimination teams. However, the deciding matches will be bo3 (best of three) matches and two best teams in each region will advance to the closed qualifier after the open qualifier ends.

In the closed qualifier, two teams from the qualifier will compete with two invited teams in each region in bo3 matches. The two winning teams will be in the upper bracket, while two losing teams will be in the lower bracket. There will be two bo3 matches in the upper bracket and lower bracket to determine two teams attending the final in each region. The finals will be a bo5 (best of 5) matches and the team from the upper bracket will have 1:0 advantage over the team from the lower bracket. The closed qualifier will take place in these five regions from 27th February to 1st March 2019. ESL has also announced the two invited teams for the closed qualifier from each region:
- Europe: team Natus Vincere (team NAVI) and team Alliance
- NA: Team Team and team J.Storm
- China: team Keen Gaming and team Royal Never Give Up
- SEA: team TNC Predator and team Lotac
- India: team Signify and team ROG TiTans

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