ESL India Premiership is the largest esports tournament in India which is divided into 4 seasons. The fall season of ESL India Premiership will pan out this November 21-22 in Hyderabad with 4 games: CS:GO, Brawl Stars, Dota 2, Clash Royale. With a whopping prize pool of ₹1.1 Crore for each esports, the event will bring lots of fun and hype to the crowd here in Hyderabad.

Esl India Hyderabad 03
ESL India Premiership will come to Hyderabad this November

Date, time, schedule and talents

The schedule for the event is as follow:

Esl India Hyderabad 01
4 esports competitions will pan out across 2 days

Here is the list of talents and casters

Esl India Hyderabad 02
Casters and talents will hype up the mood for the esports tournament


Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Novotel & HICC Complex will be where the ESL India Premiership plays out.

Esl India Hyderabad 04
The hotel and convention center complex is luxurious and spacious enough for such an established esports event

Who will be attending ESL India Premiership?

The top 4 winners from each esports games will be competing for a share in the grand prize pool of ₹1.1 Crore for each game.

Esl India Hyderabad 06
With great money on the line for each esports, ESL India Premiership Fall Season will bring the best esports competition to Hyderabad this November


Esl India Hyderabad 05
4 names to attend the CS:GO event this time

CS:GO is among the most competitive esports in India. Coming to the LAN event in Hyderabad this time are 4 names: Orgless5, Global Esports, BL4ZE Esports, District 9. During the Master League phase, Orgless5 or the ex-Signify roster topped the chart with 5 wins and 2 ties. Global Esports comes next with 1 less win. However, Entity Gaming is missing out this time as BL4ZE Esports and District 9 won just enough to edge out the blue jersey squad.

Dota 2

Esl India Hyderabad 07
Entity Gaming is missing out even the Dota 2 tournament

While there has been a keen contest between Global Esports and Entity Gaming in most CS:GO and Dota 2 tournaments, the red and blue jersey seems to have outrun their archrival. Entity Gaming is missing out both esports tournaments while Global Esports dominated the Master League Dota 2 with a clean 7 consecutive victory. The other 3 names to compete for the ₹1.1 Crore Dota 2 event are Trigon Esports, King Panda Gaming, and Abyss.

Clash Royale and Brawl Stars

The two mobile esports also get their own massive tournaments just like Dota 2 and CS:GO with ₹1.1 Crore in the prize pool each. The top 4 esports athletes will battle it out for a victory in Hyderabad.

Esl India Hyderabad 08
4 names to enter the Clash Royale tournament

The Brawl Stars tournament will also see top 4 squads in the nation lock horns to become the best

Esl India Hyderabad 09
4 squads to compete in the Brawl Stars tournament

Who do you think will emerge victorious in the biggest esports event in India? Tune in to cheer for them in Hyderabad this November 21-22.