Ali Kabbani, a.k.a “Myth”, a professional player of the popular battle royale game Fortnite, has been urging for the establishment of a union for pro Fortnite players to protect their interests.

Kabani, who is currently a member of Team Solo Mid (TSM), wrote in a tweet on Tuesday that he wants to do something about the “player treatment and competitive integrity,” which he says is progressively getting worse. He found the decisions of Fortnite’s developer Epic Games to be questionable at best when it comes to the eSports scene. For example, the game updates and tournament schedules are very inconsiderate of pro players.

Myth Complain
The Tweet from Ali "Myth" Kabbani on Tuesday

Last November, the Winter Royale was announced to be taking place on the Thanksgiving weekend in the US (The 24th and 25th). This was the first open tournament of Fortnite and also served as a qualification round for the Fortnite World Cup, which is set to kick off in 2019 with a total prize pool of $100 million (Roughly Rs 700 crores)

However, this announcement came on Tuesday, November 20, which meant players only had a few days to prepare. Many had to cancel plans with their families since they could not afford to miss the tournament given its importance.

Kabbani then took to Twitter to express his frustration, questioning the decision to host the event during one of the biggest holidays in the United States. He even had to order a PC to participate remotely from his family’s home. Unfortunately, the order didn’t arrive on time.

Myth Complain 2
Myth expresses his frustration about the timing of the Winter Royale

Another issue is the fact that Epic repeatedly add gamebreaking items to Fortnite even in the middle of a tournament. This has led to several problems with the game’s balance and integrity, especially on the competitive scene.

The first time this happened was during the semifinals of the Winter Royale, when the developer suddenly brought the ‘Infinity Blade’ item to the game. This Blade was an item that granted the player who wielded it more damage, health, and shields, in addition to the ability to destroy structures very easily.

The last part was the biggest problem for competitive players, since the building feature is a crucial part of Fortnite, and finding creative ways to utilize it is often what sets pros apart from the average player. An item that can neutralize all that basically gave an unfair advantage to whoever possessed it.

After a lot of criticism from the company, Epic Games eventually had to remove the item. However, it did the exact same thing again with the addition of the ‘Boom Box’, this time just a few hours before the WSOE 3 tournament began.

The Boom Box is an item that, when thrown at a building, can immediately destroy it, which results in the same issue that the Infinity Blade caused.

Understandably, many pro players were once again annoyed by this. Some such as Sam “WishYaLuckk” Salcedo, who is currently playing for Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), and free agent “WhosDixon” have voiced their complaints on Twitter. On the stage of WSOE 3, Kabbani also stated that “Epic is trolling” when asked about his opinion regarding the Boom Box.

Other Complains
Other pros are also complaining about Epic's decision to add an item right before a tournament

Kabbani’s criticisms towards Epic Games and his subsequent calls for the establishment of a union have received overwhelming support from the Fortnite community, especially from other pro players who, like himself, have been struggling because of these dubious decisions.

Many have also speculated that the reason Epic suddenly releases new items during tournaments is to push sales. Basically, the company wants to use those events as a method of advertisements aimed at the casual audience, which contributes to the majority of the profits.

"Epic is trolling," Myth said in an on-stage interview about the Boom Box

Yet even though pro players are only a minority in the Fortnite community, Kabbani still thinks that it’s time for them to take action to control their own futures. He says that salaries and egos should not be the obstacles preventing them from seeing that they “are all in the same wagon.”