Methods for obtaining cases remain unchanged every year. If you want to know how to get free cases and keys in CSGO, then you will need to watch match broadcasts, complete certain missions and actively fight opponents in the game. CSGO case opening sites are also considered to be a very popular method to receive such promotions.


What are CS:GO cases

CSGO case opening sites provide players with a number of benefits. Cases are a kind of container, to open them you need to get keys. They contain skins, the drop principle of which is random. Case categories:

  •   community;
  •   eSports;
  •   classic.

How much are keys in CSGO?

Many gamers are trying to get free CS:GO keys. At the same time, the price set by the administration is currently $2.50. On third-party services, you can find keys for less than $ 2. Next, we will look at how to get free csgo cases and keys on thematic sites.

Free cases and promotions are available on CSGO case opening sites

CSGO case opening sites have the advantage of giving gamers the opportunity to participate in promotional programs and receive skins. Next, we will look at how to get free CSGO cases.

Free money bonus

With the help of such bonuses, users receive free funds. Subsequently, for this money, you can open cases. Often the size of such a bonus is in the range of 0.50-2.00 dollars. They cannot be withdrawn from the account.

Bonus skins/cases bonus

Here is the answer to the question, can you get CSGO cases for free. Now this is the most popular method for activating bonuses. Under these programs, gamers receive free cases or skins. For example, such a site can immediately give 5 cases in the form of a welcome promotion after registration.

Extra percentage deposit bonus

If the user is ready to make a deposit on the site, then the system can provide him with a bonus. For example, very often 5% is given for making the first deposit. This will not allow you to get free cs go cases, but the gamer will be able to save money.

The best CSGO cases to open

Cases and skins in CS:GO have had a big impact on monetization in the gaming industry. Many gamers are chasing cases for rare items. Consider the category of the best cases to open.

Recoil Case

The case appeared in the game on 07/01/22. There are 17 weapon skins in the loot box. There are also the following skins - gloves, AK-47, USP-S, AWP. The gamer can get one of these skins.

Gamma 2 Case

Container with weapon skins. It contains 6 coloring pages for knives: clear water, hand-painted, legends and more.

Operation Broken Fang Case

The case contains a large number of colorful skins. Additionally, it contains valuable drops with a good design, which distinguishes it from other containers.

Winter Offensive Weapon Case

The collection is intended for winter locations, for example, for the Office card. In this case, workstation | Redline will look cool. The collection has become very popular.

Operation Riptide Case

Valve made this case available in September 2021. It contains a collection of skins that stand out for their excellent design and bright colors. Operation Riptide Case contains 17 skins.

Prisma Case

The case contains very bright skins. At the same time, the M4A1 "Emperor" is one of the most popular in the game. All this will look much better if a blue colored knife is used.

Operation Hydra Case

This interesting option for gamers appeared in 2017. Skins M4A4 | Hellfire and Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast are the most popular in this collection.

Prisma 2 Case

The skins bear similarities to their predecessor. The difference lies in the use of brighter tones, which gamers like. Very bright futuristic skins in excellent performance are available to players.

Falchion Case

The container contains weapon skins. Users have a small chance of a Falchion knife dropping here.

Chroma 3 Case

Added to the game in April 2016. It contains a weapon. The skins have a neon tone, which provides a futuristic design.

How to Pick the Best CSGO Case Opening Sites: A Complete Checklist

There are different sites for opening CSGO cases. Users should avoid scammers, so check such resources according to the following instructions.

Licenses and audits

If you do not know how to get cases in CSGO for free, then visit the thematic portal. It must be licensed by Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar or another country that is listed by gamers. The site must be honest, and the system must generate random results in games.

Online reputation

When choosing sites for opening CSGO cases, find the following information about them on the Internet:

  •   comments;
  •   actual news;
  •   ratings;
  •   reviews and more.

The more information you can find, the more accurately determine the credibility of the service.

Quality of cases and skins

The user needs to open the portal and analyze the options. You can also personally test the option to open cases. So you will see that you are getting original skins and find out the advantages of the site over competitors.

Customer Service

A resource that offers cases and CSGO keys for free must have technical support. To communicate with operators, it must offer e-mail, chat, telephone. They have to work around the clock. On a positive note is the F.A.Q section.

How to sign up on a CSGO case unboxing site

If you want to know CSGO how to open cases for free, you will need to register on a special site.

Choose a site

We choose a reliable and authoritative portal.

Sign up or join via Steam

Many services support registration through a Steam account. Otherwise, fill out the registration form.

Create your account instructed

We strictly follow the recommendations of the registration service.

Use your promo code

To receive additional gifts, it is recommended to use a promo code.

Claim your bonus and start opening cases!

A welcome gift will allow you to get skins at the start.


Cases have become an integral part of the CS:GO gameplay. They appeared in 2013 and are actively used now. To obtain and open them, players use special sites.