The ever-expanding gaming industry has grown at an astonishing rate over the last few decades to be worth $159 billion in 2020. Online casinos have played a huge part in that, and now the blossoming eSports sector is also contributing a huge amount of revenue. The popularity of a widely diverse range of games has broadened the playing demographics massively, and it has also led other industries to benefit. For instance, companies that sell equipment for gamers are doing exceptionally well in the current climate. IKEA has seen the potential here and teamed up with the computer hardware company ASUS to produce comfortable gaming furniture.

Ikea And Asus Team Up
IKEA has seen the potential here and teamed up with the computer hardware company ASUS to produce comfortable gaming furniture

The Importance of Comfort While Gaming

The gaming industry is improving and becoming more immersive on a yearly basis, with titles in every branch of gaming offering highly engaging experiences to players. Gamers have the option to get lost in open-world epic adventures like Red Dead Redemption II, where they pretty much become Arthur Morgan for the duration of their time at the console. Alternatively, there are casual games like online slots that can be played for brief periods but still manage to make the player forget the world around them.

No matter what the game, players need to be comfortable while playing, which is why there is now a huge market for gaming chairs and other relaxing equipment. Competitive gamers in the eSports industry need to avoid distractions, and any kind of discomfort while playing could be detrimental to their success in competitions or while streaming.

Similarly, casual and hypercasual players need to focus on their enjoyment without having to worry about back pain. At Betsson casino online there are numerous immersive slots that players will find themselves wanting to play. The same thing could be said for poker, or fantasy card games like Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone or CD Projekt Red’s Gwent. When playing these offerings, comfort is a must.

What Kind of Products Will IKEA and ASUS Create?

Gamers will be intrigued about how they can upgrade their home gaming areas with the new range of products from IKEA and ASUS. As it stands, the two companies are in the research stage of their new venture, gathering information from a vast range of gamers about what needs to be improved upon in the gaming hardware sector. The workshops have been done with professional gamers at an eSports level, along with casual gamers who play online casino games and MMOs. This level of attention to detail is exciting, and it shows that the collaborators are taking things seriously.

Once IKEA and ASUS have collected enough data, they plan to design a line of gaming furniture that will push the boundaries of what we know today. It will be innovative, as well as an upgrade on the top chairs around at the moment.

IKEA is one of the world’s biggest furniture providers and is worth approximately $45 billion. The fact that it is now getting into gaming comfort sends a huge message about how serious the gaming industry has become. Gamers should be ready to experience next-level comfort when playing once the new furniture line is released.

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