Founded in 2000, after 19 years of growing and developing, Team Liquid nowadays is a world-class professional gaming organization with more than 60 professional esports athletes competing in 14 most famous games in the world. And the next chapter in their history will be totally different. They will write it with Honda – a world class automobile empire.

On 24/01/2019, Team Liquid gladly announced on their official website that Honda would become their Official Automobile Partner. This marks a huge milestone in the history of Team Liquid, Honda and the whole esports industry.

To mark the beginning of the ride between Team Liquid and Honda, these two organizations will work closely to publish a series of 6 videos. These videos will tell the story of 3 professional teams of Team Liquid in 3 different games: League of Legends (LoL), Fortnite and DOTA2. And these clips will also feature the Koto-zukuri – one of the 2 cores spirit of Honda. Honda believes in the Mono-zukuri (the art of making things) and Koto-zukuri (new experiences drawn from the art of making things), and in the next 6-video series, we will see the Koto-zukuri from them – as Team Liquid has promised. These videos will tell us the stories of these teams’ history and the way for them to break their own limitation to shine in the totally new level in this year 2019.

Mr. Steve Arhancet, Owner and Co-CEO of Team Liquid, also shared his story with Honda on their website. As he told, his first car was a Honda Accord EX, green and he seemed to love it very much. He saw that the car was safe, reliable and stylish – the quality that Honda ensures in every single product of theirs from Honda’s day one till this very moment. The content teams and the activities teams of these two organizations will work with each other first, following by other teams with one aim: bringing the best experience for the fans.