Texas Esports, a corporation which has the same owner with famous Baseball team Texas Rangers, is preparing to sell its stake in the esports organization Infinite Esports & Entertainment with the price of $150 million dollar.

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150 million dollar is a huge amount of money

Infinite Esports & Entertainment is the esports organization that currently owning North American (NA) League of Legends (LoL) team Optic Gaming and Overwatch team Houston Outlaws and some other brands. In 2018 we have witnessed some downslopes of this esports organization. After re-buying Allegiance, a North American esports organization, in February, both Infinite leadership and general manager of Allegiance Connor Hall have agreed to shut it down first thing 2019. In October, Infinite had to fire 19 staffs and change the president from Mr. Chris Chaney, co-founder and stakeholder of Infinite, to Mr. Ryan Musselman, OpTic executive and Infinite senior vice president. Not end there, we also saw Infinite sole Sector Six – a clothing brand belonged to Infinite – to We Are Nation – a rival clothing brand that signed a long-term merchandising agreement with the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) in November 2018.

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Mr. Ryan Musselman, current president of Infinite

Regardless of these events in 2018, the source suggested that Mr. Neil Leibman – owner of Texas Esports and MLB’s Texas Rangers – would still confidently list Texas Esports’ skate in Infinite with a $150 million dollar price tag. This is a huge price, even more than some professional cricket teams. This price is because of Optic playing in NA LCS and the value of Overwatch team Houston Outlaws.

To prepare for the listing of Texas Esports, Infinite is consolidating its business and its brands. The current president Mr. Ryan Musselman is believed to focus more on Optic and Houston Outlaws. This consolidation has not witnessed any leaving of staffs yet. All the staffs are being relocated between companies or organizations owned by Mr. Neil Leibman. This is also a preparation for the grand opening of Esports Stadium in November 2019.