The #1 PUBG Mobile India Series was proof of the fast growth in the mobile esports field in India. There were traditional thoughts and prejudices saying mobile games were not competitive enough to be an eSport. Well, to defy this ideology, mobile games have hosted some of the biggest tournaments in the world and attracted as much viewership as of some other famous PC games.

In fact, mobile is the platform that India prefers to play games on. Everyone owns a smartphone and people don’t feel the need for spending large money on PCs when they can get the same gaming experience on mobiles. So, wait no more, it’s time to explore and find out the games to be the future of mobile esports in India.

#1 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a widely popular Battle Royale that deserves huge credit for contributing to India’s mobile gaming scene. Millions of players play the game every day in India and it’s among the most, if not the most popular game in the country.

The publisher Tencent is very supportive of the game in India. That’s why we have seen many tournaments happening all across the country thanks to them.

esports - PUBG Mobile
The PUBG Mobile India Series, in fact, has the highest prize pool as a single esports tournament in the country.

It’s undoubtedly that the game shows bright future prospects in India and should be leading the esports force in the future.

#2 Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile also promises a positive future in India, having 100+ million downloads so far. Among those, India alone occupied over 15 million downloads. Thousands of players play the game on a daily basis and the respective community is growing very fast.

esports - Lords Mobile
Lords Mobile is a real-time strategy MMO game by IGG, having a very in-depth strategy.

Lords Mobile is highly competitive and really values the teamwork factor because of guilds. Around 15 members are in each guild and it’s possible to compete against other ones.

Previously, there have been some Lords Mobile events in the past, which offered great in-game prizes and goodies as rewards. Go Live Gaming Studios was the unit to host those events. They’re having plans for future tournaments as well and we should be expecting even more competitive aspect incoming.

#3 Clash Royale

esports - Clash Royale
Clash Royale has had many tournaments in the past.

Clash Royale has been available as an esports title for a while in India. Countless LAN events were hosted across the country. ESL did a good job backing the game and hosted many tournaments in the past from time to time, both offline and online.

#4 Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is emerging as an esports title within India. The game owns a fast-growing community and to be honest, it’s super fun to spectate as well. With Supercell and ESL backing it up, it’s likely that Brawl Stars will become a huge title in the future. Believe it or not, Brawl Stars might even replace Clash Royale in ESL India Premiership next season.

esports - Brawl Stars
The developer for Brawl Stars, Supercell, is the same one with such a great job in Clash Royale.

#5 Free Fire

Free Fire also now has an esports presence with the upcoming Free Fire World Cup, which should start this Sunday in Bangkok, Thailand. A generous prize pool of $100K has been announced and an Indian team will be there to compete.

esports - Free Fire
Free Fire is bound to have even more tournaments to come in the future so stay tuned for them.

#6 Guns of Boom

Last but not least, Guns of Boom is on the list by having a considerable esports influence within India. ESL directed back the game and Guns of Boom Indian team is dominating the regional league for SEA division.

On Apr 13th, there will be a $40K tournament held in Texas and India will have a team to compete with the others.

esports - Guns of Boom
Guns of Boom also carries out weekly tournaments in India and SEA region.

Weekly tournaments of Guns of Boom offer up to $1K (a.k.a 69K rupees) in the prize pool. More and more players approach the game every day and the player base is expanding by a large amount.