Watching 18+ movies is not always about the jerking and self-loving, but sometimes, it's about adoring the beauty and expression of the actresses as well. And of course, we are not willing to see the performers making love with their face looks null all of the time. We love beautiful actresses, and we love smiles, too!

So, it's a true dream to see gorgeous adult movie actresses smiling beautifully on sensual scenes. Since it's both the enjoyable ecstasy that we're searching for, but also aesthetical experiences that we might admire out of the sexual concepts.

Hence, today, we will bring you a list of 10 gorgeous adult movie actresses that looks stunning when smiling. Be sure to bookmark this for further 'researching' purposes, and hopefully, you'll enjoy their smiles. Without further ado, let's get right into the first one:

1. Penny Pax

Date of Birth: 1989

Starting this one with an insanely sexy star - Penny Pax shows off her bright smiles in everything she does. Starting her porn career in 2011, the American babe has starred in a Fifty Shades of Grey-based movie namely The Submission of Emma Marx. With that movie, she has won numerous awards in 2014, including AVN's Best Actress, and you should definitely check that one out.

Penny Pax's tiny smile is very alluring

And not only has a wide smile, but Penny Pax also poses a deadly curvy body as well. Her 34D-sized breasts and matching butt are completely natural, and there are also no tattoos on her body, too. At the age of 30, she's slowly turning into a MILF now, which gives her a brand new chance to star in a different category than other 250 porn movies of her.

Just imagine those butts on your face with her small giggle!

2. Angel Smalls

Date of Birth: 1993

Angel Smalls - previously known as Angel Moore is a very special case in this list. The California-born girl has a very distinctive smile that looks different based on the angle you're looking at. This is mainly due to her front teeth, which looks attractive while she smiles slightly, but quite unfavorably noticeable if she chooses to smile without restraints. Nevertheless, that's what a former-cheerleader should have, and she definitely knows how to show off her beauty and hide her disadvantages.

10 Adult Movie Stars With The Best Smile 4
Her front teeth are very distinguishable!

Just like her name, Angel Smalls is a beautiful small pettie that looks like an angel without wings. She's not that short (around 160cm), but her body proportions make her look like a true teenage girl that's enjoying her colorful school life. However, as she used to be a cheerleader, her butts and breasts are quite firm, and she does not shy to shows them in her hardcore, teen and striptease videos.

Angels Smalls can brighten up the whole room with her smile

3. Talia Shepard

Date of Birth: 1989

Talia Shepard doesn't take care of sheep, but this Texas-born shepherd is mainly in charge of fans' hearts with her smiles. Her beauty was recognized at her young 13th age, which makes her a teenage model and even a potential beauty pageant as her mom wanted her to become. But she loves showing her body and her smiles more than just in beauty contests, so she has chosen the route of being a porn star.

Talia Shepard used to be a mainstream model

Talia filmed her first erotic movie in 2010, and her bright brunette smiles immediately caught the attention of directors. Success soon came to this bombshell, and she quickly realized that she needs a bigger pair of boobs to match her toned body. Enhancing them from 32C to 28GG, Talia Shepard soon soaring in popularity, and become a Twistys Treat of the Month in the same year. She's currently working as a webcam model now, and she barely lets any men touch her enhanced boobs. Only girls are allowed!

No men are allowed to touch those melons

4. Brett Rossi

Date of Birth: 1989

Brett Rosi has a very special family that actually encouraged her to take advantage of her beauty. Her grandmother - used to be a model - inspired her to step on the same journey, and the young but tall 14-year-old Brett accepted the offer to become a model for men's magazines. Her income as a model helped her a lot in college life, and also help her become a Playboy model in the future.

10 Adult Movie Stars With The Best Smile 7
Brett Rosi was a former Playboy model - inspired by her grandmother

Becoming a Penthouse Pet of the Month in February 2012 was a huge turn for her career, as it gave her a contract with a huge porn studio. However, that doesn't seem to be where she belongs, as Brett Rossi stepped down from the industry only after one year gathers some success. It's a huge loss for us since we can't see more of her 32D chest and 33-sized in action anymore. You can still find her old movies over the Internet now to see how her dark-exotic smiles made men go crazy!

We can only enjoy her old movie now, as she has stopped filming 18+ movies

5. Briana Lee

Date of Birth: 1989

If you're into the actresses with darker skin, Briana Lee is the one that you should give a look. Her smiles often get outshined by her huge breasts and toned body, but don't underestimate the expression of this Chinese descent. It has attracted many fans for the babe through her webcam show and helped her became the 'Best Cam Girl' of Freeones in 2012 and 2013.

10 Adult Movie Stars With The Best Smile 10
Briana Lee often goes nude with her webcam show

Decided to give the porn industry a shot right the moment she turned 18, Briana Lee started to gain a decently huge fanbase on her Twitter and Instagram. It's quite reasonable considering her 34DD boobs and huge round booty, embellished with a bright white smile on her face every time she makes love. Briana starred in many kinds of porn movies, including toys, lesbian and lingerie.

10 Adult Movie Stars With The Best Smile 9
Her porn scenes vary from many categories

6. Eva Angelina

Date of Birth: 1985

A beautiful brunette that smiles as hard as she can on the beach with her bikinis - that's what you can expect with Eva Angelina. Her beginning in the pornographic scenes is completely natural, as she found a casting on the newspaper while searching for jobs and immediately decided to become one of the porn actresses in Shane's World - one of the first reality porn studio.

Her porn career started very naturally

Her debut might come very naturally, but it's definitely not the softest debut at all. In fact, that happened at her 18-year-old, and she has chosen to embrace her all in a hardcore 18+ movie. With such an outstanding start, her career developed very smoothly, later on, giving her a lot of AVN and XRCO Awards. Her signature looks on sensual scenes are her glasses that make her irresistible and her satisfying smiles that melt every of the coldest hearts.

Can you resist this nerdy look of Eva Angelina?

7. Catalina Cruz

Date of Birth: 1979

Catalina Cruz - who you can also find with the alias JennaZ - is a former fitness model. Many people mistake her origins to be Latina, but she's actually a Slovenian with a German accent. After working a while as a fitness model, she quickly realized her potentials of a porn star and chose to upgrade her breasts from C-cup to E-cup, and entering the adult entertainment industry.

Catalina Cruz's breasts are enormous now

And her body's attributes of a fitness model immediately make her outstanding among many other actresses. And she also acknowledges her advantages, so Catalina Cruz decided to bring her experience of a teacher to the scene. Catalina also holds a website for the new actresses in the industry as well, teaching them how to use their mouths to smile and perform oral intercourse with their partners. Most of her sensual scenes are on her website - Licensed to Blow, which makes her the 2009 AVN's web starlet of the year.

She uploads most of her movie on her own website

8. Janice Griffith

Date of Birth: 1995

Securing one of the highest spots in our list, Janice Griffith actually has Indian origins. A true horny babe is the best words to describe his Indo-Carribian babe - as she lost her virginity at her 13th ages, and has intimated with various men and women before joining the 18+ industry. She has filmed sex movies for 6 years now and has gained an army of fans of nearly half a million on both Twitter and Instagram.

10 Adult Movie Stars With The Best Smile 15
Janice Griffith is a half Indian pornstar

Janice Griffith is quite slim with decent/small breasts, but they are completely natural, and she makes up for it with her energy. Janice acts in every kind of erotic movie directors throw at her, including hardcore, teen and threesome.

Her body is quite slim, which makes her boobs not that small

9. Eva Lovia

Date of Birth: 1989

Another Eva to shine on our list, but Eva Lovia is much younger and more attractive. Eva Lovia has the mixed-race of Spanish and Japanese and started her porn career like the major of actresses nowadays as a webcam star. This brunette really stands out with her round bubbly butt, which her practice very often to make them bigger and have a nicer shape. However, don't forget about her chest, as her 32D-breasts come very handy.

Eva Lovia has one of the greatest butts in the industry

Eva Lovia has been working in the industry for 9 years now and has filmed for many big studios such as BangBros, Naughty America, and Digital Playground. Owning the perfect girl-next-door looks, Eva became 2014's Twistys Treat of the Month, and mainly known for her lesbian scenes.

She has the perfect girl-next-door looks

10. Aria Alexander

Date of Birth: 1995

Saving the best for the last moment, Aria Alexander is truly an angel with the brightest smile in the industry. Her face was already ethereal with white skin, blue eyes and beautiful contours, and her smiles only make her beauty more unreal.

Aria Alexander smiles like an angel!

The only thing that Aria lacks is the deadly curvy body, but she makes up for that by her sensual actings. She used to be a tennis and football player, so her body is very fit, and her energy on the bed is no joke!

10 Adult Movie Actresses With The Best Smile 20
Don't underestimate the power of this slim girl!


That's the end of today's list of 10 gorgeous adult movie actresses that look stunning when smiling. Don't forget to share this with your friends, and check out other lists of us on 18+ topics here, here and here.