Ukraine lies in Eastern Europe - one of the coldest areas in the world, and you already know how beautiful women in this area look. The cold weather gives them sparkling white skin like pearls, and together with their blue eyes from their Slavic root and bright hair colors, they just look like the angels of ice.

A lot of people have referred to Ukrainian women as the most beautiful in the world, and they've proven it by winning multiple beauty contests. Hence, Ukrainian adult movie actresses have a very distinctive beauty that we can't find anywhere else on Earth. Considering all of the attributes above, that comes as no surprise.

So, today, we'll give you the 10 most beautiful adult movie actresses that were born in Ukraine! And without further ado, let's get right into the first one:

1. Abrill Gerald

Date of Birth: 1995

Starting this list with Abrill Gerald, we're quite sure that you'll love her at first sight. Abrill was her arias, as she was born on April 2, 1995, and this Aries girl is very tall. She has the body of a supermodel: toned body and skinny legs, with a pretty oval face on top. All of that has formed a perfect brunette for a model, a beauty contestant, and an adult movie actress.

Abrill Gerald has the body of a supermodel

Abrill has started filming for the 18+ industry for 4 years now, and she's really enjoying it. And even on her first day, this beautiful Ukrainian didn't show any signs of fear, as she enjoys every scene in hardcore scenes, even with her black counterparts. And considering that Abrill is completely natural and doesn't have any tattoos or piercing, she will definitely stay in the industry for a while, bringing ecstasy to her fans.

Her body is entirely natural and free of tattoos and piercing

2. Wiska

Date of Birth: 1985

Wiska used to work as a model, but most people remember her name for her pornographic career. She also has another aria - Anastasia - in case you might find these two girls similar - they are actually one. She didn't choose to become a pornstar because she loves it, but because she desperately needed money. Her husband has failed his career and has to sit behind bars, so she has to earn for the whole family.

Her videos back in those days are very sensual!

That's why in 2004, she filmed her first porn movie in Russia. The job in the industry has given her $500 per week - very high even considering today's standards. However, at that time, spreading pornographic contents in Ukraine was illegal, so that's reasonable. She's filmed over 40 films around those times, packing various kinds of content such as threesome, anal, hardcore, sex toy and many other kinds of intercourse too. She was quite young in those movies, and her blonde hair shines even brighter with her skin!

It's very lucky for us to have this girl in the industry

3. Lola Bulgari 

Date of Birth: 1995

One of the sexiest and most successful actresses in this list - Lola Bulgari doesn't have anything related to the country of roses. She joined the porn industry in 2016, and even though she has only been working for three years now, she has proven herself to be the girl that is not afraid to try anything, whether it's threesome, interracial, double penetration and many more.

10 Most Beautiful Ukrainian Adult Movie Actresses
You can recognize her with a dragon tattoo on her left thigh

Her powerful gaze in every scene speaks for its all. Her naturally curvy body is always ready, and it just needs a deep breath before embracing everything that men throw onto her. And to give you a hint, Lola Bulgari is the wild rose that has the most intensive orgasm on the scenes, to the point that her eyes will go completely wild and her whole skinny body will shake relentlessly.

10 Most Beautiful Ukrainian Adult Movie Actresses
She guesses you're expecting the same thing!

4. Karina Grand 

Date of Birth: 1990

Karina Grand is a 29-year-old Ukrainian adult movie actress that has entered the porn industry with the guide of her husband. Before filming erotic movies, she used to work as a model and stripper at bars. Considering her 160cm height, tiny 34A-sized boobs, ant-like waist, and decent booty, she looks great with both clothes-on and clothes-off, so those jobs match her very well.

She looks phenomenal with or without clothes

However, with her husband, Karina has realized that the most suitable job for her is being a pornstar. He has offered Karina filming their 18+ scenes since he though his wife is scorchingly hot, and they went completely all over the place for that scene. Since then, she started to grow more interest in the art of sex and is studying the bible of sex - Kama Sutra now. It's only a matter of time before she finally graduates and shines like a sex goddess!

A huge shoutout for her husband to bring his beautiful wife to the scenes

5. Emily Bloom

Date of Birth: 1993

Emily Bloom is a true young girl that is waiting for her beauty to start blooming. This siren has been in love with sex and the porn industry since she was very young, and as soon as she reached her 19th age in 2012, she jumped right onto this bandwagon. And it doesn't take long for the actress to start soaring in popularity with her adorable face and slender body.

Her beauty is absolutely angelic!

Those attributes are perfect for 18+ teen movies, but since she's aging now, Emily has to switch some of her power for other scenes such as threesome, lesbian and striptease. Her body cannot endure hardcore scenes, so we might not see that footage in the future. Apart from the moaning talents, she's also a singer as well, which makes her the wonderful e-girl for Playboy.

A perfect multi-talented e-girl to date!

6. Nessa Shine

Date of Birth: 1990

You can already tell that this girl will shine bright like a diamond in the 18+ industry with her name. Nessa Shine was the gift that Santa Claus has sent to us on Chrismas Day of 1990, and she grew up the same way that we expect her to. Her timeless face still relaxes in her schoolgirl's days, but her wonderful body has turned from sexy-cheerleading type to the mature types now.

For a second I thought Nessa Shine is an Indian

Nessa Shine shot her first movie in 2010, and her young look immediately seduces fans to her fanbase. This long-haired brunette has worked for 9 years now, leaving behind steamy scenes in many types such as lesbian, hardcore and toy scenes that are available on almost every 18+ website on earth now.

She has worked for many major 18+ studios now

7. Bethany Benz

Date of Birth: 1986

Now Bethany Benz is leaning more to her Nigerian genes than her Slavic ones. And even though the Ukrainian viewers' world didn't embrace her, she still receives some love in the United States. Bethany filmed her first X-rated movie in 2010, and over 9 years of working now, she has performed in a lot of hardcore scenes.

Her beauty matches the taste of the American more

One of the most outstanding scenes of her is when she got really crazy with her co-actor, making him suffer from both ecstasy of sex and the pain of tearing his urethra at the same time. I don't know how that feels, but I don't want to be in that situation either.

10 Most Beautiful Ukrainian Adult Movie Actresses
She will turn into an uncontrollable beast on the bed

8. Nika Noire

Date of Birth: 1984

With Nika Noire, finally, we have a big-boob MILF for this list. Nika Noire lives in a conservative family, but it turned out that the more strictly you're forbidden from doing something, the more you want to do it. And in 2007 when she turned 23, she has made a daring jump to the 18+ industry.

Nikka Noire tells you to eat healthy for the voluptuous body like her

With her blue eyes, floppy boobs and voluptuous ass, she'll seduce even you and the cameraman filming her. And her ages give her nothing more precious than experience, as now, she can do well in literally all types of erotic scenes from hardcore, big boobs to masturbation. And if you're looking for a MILF wearing schoolgirl uniform, definitely check Nika Noire out.

Are you ready to lick that spills?

9. Ivana Sugar

Date of Birth: 1992

Ivana Sugar is by far the best one among all of the actresses in this list to master the art of Kama Sutra. This blonde Ukrainian bombshell explodes in every position in Kama Sutra, and with other scenes, she turns into a sweetie slut that sucks cocks like she was starving for the whole century!

Ivana Sugar is very fond of Kama Sutra

Entering the pornographic industry in 2010 - right the age that she turned legal, Ivana Sugar has gained a lot of awards for her extraordinary acting skills, including the Best New Female Performer in 2013 and BEst Female Performer again later on. Decent hand-sized breasts, round ass, and a super-fit body, she definitely worth a top spot in this list!

She has won multiple awards through her career

10. Veronica Morre

Date of Birth: 1996

Sitting firmly on the top is no one else but Veronica Morre - the youngest but also the most promising actress in this list. You might think that this Kyiv-born starlet has gone through some enhancement with her body, but she has not, her body is natural from top to toe, and it's crazily aesthetic. Just look at those perfectly sized and shaped tits and slender waist and you will understand.

Veronica Morre might be young, but her body parts are no jokes!

But the thing Veronica wants from you is not to understand, but to get addicted. Her short hair and pale skin seduced everyone with only a slight peek, making her always ranks highly on every adult-related website. Furthermore, she's also open to any kind of sexual intercourse, including threesome, big boobs, and group sex. And since she's still very young, we can expect a lot more from her in the future.

I love to see more of this short-haired BB girl in the future!


That's the wrap of today's list of 10 most beautiful adult movie actresses that were born in Ukraine. Don't forget to check other 18+ lists of Gurugamer here, here and here.