With the booming of esports as a real business, competitive gaming has made a huge leap in getting closer to being recognized as a sport. Though esports has some staggering similarity to traditional sports, competitive gaming does have its upside. Here are the 5 things an esports player can enjoy more than a sports player.

1 – In better touch with fans

5 Esports Better 01
esports pro players can easily interact with their fans in-game and in real life

Esports players are not confined to an intensive training schedule like sports players. Though they do daily training with a PC, esports pro players can interact with their fans through streaming, in-game chatting or even through fan meetings.

Meanwhile, it is hard for Messi or Ronaldo to talk with their fans casually in real life. They have a tight training schedule and need to keep their health in the best condition for upcoming matches. This has separated professional sports players from their fans.

2 – Easier access to the professional scene

5 Esports Better 04
We are all innate gamers. It takes a little extra effort to become a professional esports player

It requires extreme talent for one individual to reach a professional contract with sports organizations. If we are not trained from a young age, it is very unlikely for us to reach the FIFA World Cup or NBA as a pro sportsman.

However, it is much more feasible for esports players to reach a high level in competitive gaming. We are all natural-born gamers the very moment we touch a controller or keyboard. We are all gifted with an innate ability to play video games well. What it takes to become a professional esports player is a little more passion and dedication.

3 – Better community around the globe

5 Esports Better 03
Esports fans can connect much easier through the Internet

Esports utilizes the Internet as a way to connect people. With the same hobby of esports, the community can get together much easier with keyboard and mic. Moreover, keeping in touch through the Internet is way easier compared to real-life conversations. As a fan of esports, we can watch a competition together with the community while shouting out to our favorite teams.

4 – Better access to streams and tournaments

5 Esports Better 02
Most esports tournaments are free to watch

As we all know how expensive it can be to pay for the subscription of certain sports leagues. Some premium sports like basketball or golf require a high entry fee to watch with selective audience.

Meanwhile, most esports competitions are free to watch and enjoy with your friends. We can gather in any pubstomp to cheer for the champion of The International in the grand final match or shout it out with our buddies at home.

5 – Less strain on health

5 Esports Better 05
Esports is much better for health than traditional sports

Unlike traditional sports where physical contacts with the environment and damage to health are inevitable, esports players can be actually safe from risk. Esports players work mostly with a keyboard and mouse where the only health problem they may get is burnout and mental fatigue after a long time of training. To be fair, esports is much safer than conventional sports.aa