PUBG isn't just a game strictly for virtual enjoyment, but has begun to influence real-life cultural trends. Here are 5 examples of the game in the real world:

Cafes and restaurants

india pubg jaipur cafe
It just has to have chicken dinner on its menu. It just has to

Apparently, there are now cafes and restaurants influenced by the game. One restaurant/cafe in Jaipur opened in 2018 calls itself the "PUBG Restaurant". Pretty self-explanatory

There are decorations and props that are taken from items and content in the game. Also, the B in "PUBG Restaurant" stands for Belly, not Battle.

Pre-wedding photoshoots

pubg couple
All I can see are two easy targets

Some couples have been doing pre-marriage photoshoots of themselves dressed up in PUBG attire. One couple actually even met each other from the game. You know what they say, the couple that uses frying pans together stays together.

PUBG-styled clothes

PUBG themed clothes
You can look like your PUBG character now

The dresses and clothing in PUBG have gotten really popular, too. Some players are looking for clothing items that help them match the look of their game characters. Usually Flipkart or Amazon can provide the duds that you need for that Battleground look.


pubg india addiction
No matter how much you love the game, remember that it's just a game...

The popularity of the game has led to unfortunate scandals and tragedies that should not exist in real life. There have been incidents like suicides, assaults, and even murder that involved the game.

While the addictiveness of the game and video gaming addiction in general need to be addressed, the response of lawmakers to simply ban the game does not address the problem fully. Read about why we think simply banning the game is a bad idea here.

Making money

pubg india esports
Indian teams have made a greater impact in esports thanks to PUBG

PUBG has helped propel Indian esports to greater heights than before. While making money from playing games competitively has been around for a while, the game has really boosted the prominence of the Indian esports scene. Entertaining players can also make money from streaming the game.