India is becoming more and more of a gaming hub, with a meteoric rise in the number of gamers every year. The presence of low-requirements free-to-play games like PUBG/Mobile, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, etc. allows just about anyone to jump in and play. Plus, with so many people having internet access, the rise of video games in India is sure to continue.

On the other hand, when it comes to gaming in India, they diverge into communities quite different from one another. Just like media or entertainment, the communities have their own proclivities and preferences on what kind of games they prefer.

video games in india
Video gaming is just getting more and more popular these last few years

Sayan Dey of, in discussing the state of the game industry in India, said that mobile gamers take up a mind-boggling 85% of all Indian gamers. The rest is made up of 12% PC gamers and 3% console gamers. That tells you a lot about which direction gaming would continue to evolve in India.

While mobile gamers dominate, you can still run into all sorts of diverse gaming groups in India. Here are six types of gamers that you'd most often encounter:

6. The Mobile Gamers (PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, Free Fire and so on)

pubg mobile cod mobile
It's either one of these games for most Indian gamers

Obviously one cannot talk about gaming in India without immediately thinking about those who play on mobile/smartphones. Everyone seems to play PUBG Mobile, the most popular streamers are likely streaming PUBG Mobile. The esports scene is all about PUBG Mobile. Mobile gaming is where the largest growths of video gaming have occurred in the country.

But alongside the massive popularity of games like PUBG Mobile are all sorts of controversies. Lawmakers and politicians are blaming these games for their addictiveness and for causing a rise in violence. And as these mobile games and gamers grow, you can expect newer controversies and political bickering in the future.

You can have a look at one of our articles on the PUBG Mobile controversy here

5. The Common PC Gamers (Dota 2 & CS:GO players)

csgo dota
CS:GO vs. Dota 2. I don't know what else to put here

Among the Indian PC Gamers, most of them probably fall into the "common" category with games like Dota 2 or CS:GO. It has been an unspoken rule that young Indian PC Gamers have followed their whole uni life. The rule is to play as much CS:GO and Dota 2 as possible while still maintaining grades (or not). If you have lived the life of an Indian university student, you probably know these folks.

Recently, it has become more apparent that even popular PC games with low requirements are ceding grounds to mobiles. In my opinion, this is a worrying trend that can cause too much imbalance and more fuel to the mobile gaming controversies.

4. The Elite PC Gamers (The "snobs" with powerful PCs)

witcher 3 highest graphics
"The Witcher 3 on highest settings is literally the same as reaching nirvana". - A PC "snob," probably

And then among the PC Gamers there are the members of the "Master Race," as in those who have the time and money to afford or build the most high-end computer hardware. Either way, they use their powerful rigs to play the most demanding triple-A titles, both single-player and multiplayer.

Calling these guys "snobs" is probably more of a compliment, since they have no qualms talking about how gorgeous their AAA titles look compared to the console peasants. Or even, God forbid, the mobile and low-end "untouchables".

3. The FIFA Fanatics (!)

fifa pc vs mobile
Actually there is no "versus" here. FIFA fans enjoy them all

The nice thing about Indian FIFA fanatics is they do not discriminate based on whatever platform you choose to play video games. Whether on consoles, PC or mobile phones, the FIFA fanatics just need to satisfy their thirst for football games.

With the popularity of FIFA games globally and the sport itself being the biggest, and a growing number of Indian fans every year, it's not surprising. The football fans usually just spend most of their gaming time playing FIFA like a lot of the international FIFA fans out there.

2. The Consolers (The ones with the PlayStations)

god of war 4 graphics
These two are what the PlayStation fanboys wish they could become

Not many console gamers out there in India. In fact, very few in comparison to the rest of the platforms. Usually, console gamers have been on their PlayStations ever since it was still the PS2. But some of them join the bandwagon with the PS3 or the PS4 later.

The consolers are absolutely dedicated to their PlayStations and would not hesitate "roasting" other platforms. The PS fanboys are usually the instigators of social media drama about which console is the best. Sony has Indian fans to thank for being in the frontline of the "console wars" that are actually being waged overseas.

The existence of the mythical Indian Xbox players cannot be independently confirmed by the writer of this article. Probably a street legend of some kind.

1. The Gamers (who just love and enjoy video games)

gamers unite
Let's just play games and be nice to each other...

After years of gaming on various platforms, this category is where the writer feels the most comfortable being in. Not too many who play games across many platforms and enjoy them in India, but they exist. In fact, there should be a lot more of them to promote inclusiveness and balance in the Indian gaming industry.

The Gamers think we should just all enjoy video games and appreciate the labor and effort that went into making them. More Gamers means more growth of many types of games in India which is always better for the industry and consumers

Obviously, this list was made for fun and in no way correctly reflects the entirety of all gamers in India. But it does function as a general insight into what Indian gamers care about. If you do belong in one of these or notice that I missed something, please leave a comment and tell us below.