This name looks quite familiar, right! You might have mistaken it with the more famous name Ananya Pandey, but Alanna Panday is actually a different one.

Alanna Panday Profile 5
Alanna Panday and Ananya Pandey are actually cousins.

Alanna Panday is the most famous Bollywood celebrity child, and even though she has not debuted the B-town yet, it's very likely that she's coming to your scenes soon. Below are the profile and some facts about her, which you can have a look:

Biography of Alanna Panday:

Date of birth

Alanna Panday is an Indian model, actress, and Internet celebrity. She was born on August 16, 1995  in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She was born in the family which has a tight connection to many Bollywood stars.

Alanna Panday Profile 9
Alanna Panday is now 24 years old.

The 24-year-old beauty recently gained a lot of attention through her Instagram posts. To be more specific, she currently has 537,000 followers on Instagram, on which she shared a lot of pictures of her practicing Yoga and dieting.

Friends and relationship

Weird as it sounds, this beautiful girl's parents are not from the B-town. Her father is Chikki Panday, a businessman, and her mother is Deanne Panday, a famous fitness expert. They also have another child, which is Alanna's younger brother, Ahaan Panday.

Alanna Panday Profile 1
Alanna looks extremely steamy alongside her brother.

Alanna Panday has close relationships with many famous Bollywood stars. First of all, if you've mistaken Alanna Panday with the famous Ananya Pandey, they're actually cousins.

Secondly, if you're following Suhana Khan - the daughter of the legendary Bollywood actor the King Khan Shahrukh Khan, you might find Alanna Panday very familiar. Alanna and Suhana are best friends.

Alanna Panday Profile 13
She is the best friend of Suhana Khan - daughter of King Khan Shahrukh Khan.

Lastly, about her status, she's not married yet. There are some rumors about her boyfriend, and one of the most spreading ones is that she's dating with Yudi Jaising, a son of the famous fashion designer Monisha Jaising.

Alanna Panday Profile 15
There's a rumor that Alanna is in a love relationship with Yudi Jaising.

Personal statistics

As she has a mother that's a fitness expert, and she's fond of dieting and Yoga as well, Alanna has ultimately healthy figures.

Alanna Panday Profile 2
She has healthy and curvy figures that many girls are dreaming of!

Her height is 5 ft 6 in (168 cm) but her weight is only 50 kg. Her body measurements are 32-27-33 inches, converted into centimeters are 81.3-68-83.8 centimeters.


Alanna Panday is currently learning Fashion Management at London College. Surprising though, she didn't officially start her career yet.

Alanna Panday Profile 9
Alanna is learning at London College.

However, with her beautiful face and curvy figures, she has done some model work for fashion brands. The most noticeable one is that Alanna is the ambassador of Manish Malhotra.

Alanna Panday Profile 10
Alanna Panday with her cousin Ananya Pandey at Manish Malhotra's event.

Some facts and hobbies

1) The 22-year-old has set the Internet soaring with her pictures wearing slit dress, revealing her healthy thigh in a public event.

Alanna Panday Profile 3
The high-slit dress is ready to melt men's heart.

You can see the camera on her in the video below:

2) Alanna Panday loves parties, late-night to be more specific. Her hobbies are Travelling, Modeling and Dancing

Alanna Panday Profile 4
She has shared a lot of photos of her travels on her Instagram.

3) Alanna Panday is gorgeous wearing bikinis

Alanna Panday Profile 8
And she doesn't afraid to show her curvy figures either!

4) She once starred in The Peacock magazines' cover page with her brother

Alanna Panday Profile 12
She looks pretty with any makeup styles.

Above is the information on Alanna Panday - her age, relationships, body measurements, etc.

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