A Singaporean publisher became a billionaire thanks to a mobile game. It can be incredible but it’s real. Gang Ye, co-founder of Sea Ltd. is an outstanding example who has entered the billionaire club.

A Billionaire Game Publisher

Gang Ye is the latest member of the Singaporean billionaire club and the publisher of the Free Fire mobile game. Since its release on December 4, 2017, this game has become a phenomenon in the world and one of the hottest battle royale games. With 450 million registered users, Free Fire has proved its significant impact in the game industry and brought Ye a giant profit.

Gang Ye The New Billionaire Of The World
Gang Ye, The New Billionaire Of The World

Thanks to the great success of this mobile game, the 39-year-old man made his entry to the billionaire club of the world. In the 1990s, the young man Gang Ye left China to move to Singapore and soon became a citizen after returning from the U.S. He and his fellow Forrest Li, another great game publisher founded Sea Ltd. Then, since 2017, the young billionaire has been working as the chief of Sea.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires, Ye’s 8.4% stake of Sea gives him $1 billion since its release two years ago. Free Fire has given Ye and Li giant growing assets. In addition, many other men becoming billionaires thanks to mobile games, such as Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney with $7.2 billion, Valve Corporation’s Gabe Newell with $5.7 billion.

Forress Li Founder Of Garena
Forrest Li, Founder Of Garena

Making Money from Mobile Games

Free Fire mobile game has been one of the most popular mobile games in the world, especially in India. Garena, the publisher of this game is making a great bet in the Indian market. They hosted many Free Fire tournaments across the country to attract more gamers with big prize pools. That’s the way the game publisher turned India into their big market and earned money from it.

Free Fire India Today League Final
Free Fire India Today League Final

Mobile games now are much more popular than ever before. Lots of Indian streamers and YouTubers are making a great profit from mobile games every day, such as MortaL, CarryisLive, etc. Obviously, the mobile game is a fruitful field to earn money and an easy way to become millionaires, or even billionaire these days.