If you guys ask us who our biggest idol is, our answer for you guys will definitely Bill Gates. This man himself has built the most basic steps for all other modern tech guys, including but not limited to Steve Jobs. If we do not have Bill Gates, it is highly likely that we do not have so many video games to play like what we are having now.

Although Bill Gates has retired from his former position as the CEO of Microsoft (he now owns only 1% of Microsoft) and he has done countless philanthropic projects, he is still the third richest man on earth right now. If Bill Gates is interested in money, other guys will never stand a chance to be richer than Bill. Luckily for all of us, his main concerns now is the climate change and global health. That is why on the recent interview with tech Youtube interviewer Marques 'MKBHD' Brownlee recently, our man discussed quite a lot about electric cars.

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The biggest hero of ours - Bill Gates

Bill Gates believes that electric vehicles will be one of the most important aspects in completely fixing the climate change issue nowadays. That is why electric cars are getting more and more popular every day. Bill Gates also purchased a Porsche Taycan – a luxury electric car – recently, and he shared his experience with the car in the interview. The first disadvantage of these cars is their extremely high price tag, insurance fee and maintenance fee.

Porsche Taycan
Porsche Taycan - the new electric car of Bill Gates

However, Bill Gates still has big belief on this type of vehicle. Speaking in the video, he believes that the price will eventually go down. But then, from his perspective, the price is not the biggest problem of electric vehicles. The biggest problem is the range of these cars in one charge. Right now, gasoline is still 30 times denser than our most premium type of lithium battery. That is why you only need 15 minutes at the gas station to fully charge your regular car, but you will need 8 hours to fully charge your electric car.

Nevertheless, Bill believes that these problems can be addressed in two or three years only, as the technology is getting better and better every day.