Adequate sleep is very important for our health. Lack of sleeping is extremely awful and harmful. It negatively affects our health and working productivity. To solve this problem, a company in India had an unprecedented recruiting requirement. Check out this dream job now!

A Dream Job For Anyone

With employees, there’s one thing worse than low salary or overtime working. It’s constant inadequate sleeping due to the deadline. After eight working hours at the office, many people even bring tasks home stay up late to complete.

As a solution, recently, an Indian company Wakefit noted a very odd thing in their recruitment requirement. According to that, this company will pay its employee 1 lakh if they sleep 9 hours per day continuously in 100 days. You even don’t have to go to work, just stay home, sleep and get money. Trust me, that’s the dream job of mine, and a lot of people.

Have A Good Nap Get Money
Have A Good Nap And Get Money

However, the applicants have to meet certain requirements. First, they need to adapt to a low pace of life. Then, they ought to draw a project of improving human’s sleep. Hence, to apply to this job, you should get used to naps, love coziness and idle lifestyle. To sum up, it’s a job for sleepaholic people.

Job Description

It sounds weird, but it’s still a job. Thus, you need to conform to some common regulations. No TV, no laptop in “working hours”. That’s why movie fans are not suitable for this career. Besides, you are restricted in using smartphones, especially at night. Finally, if you have “working experience” in drowsing during school life, that’s a big advantage. And nothing would be better if you do not snore.

Moreover, Wakefit will provide these employees with necessary “working tools”, including their latest cushion. This smart cushion helps calculate the quality of sleep before and after sleeping time. Moreover, it will give users advice on how to sleep better.

Take A Nap At School
Take A Nap At School

Wakefit is a pretty reputable company in designing and setting nap rooms for Indian companies. 80% of office staff in this country reported that their working productivity increase when having a nap in the nap rooms set by Wakefit.