This story may make you laugh but the girl in this story got hurt by her ex-boyfriend. This Chinese girl sent a ton of onions to his house in revenge. The expense for this revenge is 5,000 Chinese Yuan, about Rs. 53,000. Check out this story here.

Chinese Girl Sent Ex A Ton Of Onions After Being Betrayed

Betrayal in love always makes people hurt, especially when the partner is unfaithful. Many people choose to forget and start over. But some people choose to revenge. And the Chinese girl in this story chose the second option and decided to revenge in an expensive way.

Betraying His Gf This Man Got A Ton Of Onions For
Betraying His Girlfriend, This Man Received A Ton Of Onions For Making Her Cry

Shanghaiist reported that a girl, known as Ms. Zhao from China, sent a ton of onions to her ex’s house. Zhao and her ex-boyfriend had a long relationship before she checked his chatting history and found out his cheat. The ex of Zhao had been cheating her in a long time and they broke up right before May 20th, Valentine’s Day in China.

Getting hurt and bitter about his betrayal, Zhao had cried for three days, especially when she noticed that her ex still lived happily. So, Zhao decided to revenge by sending him a ton of onions with a note. She wrote on the note that she had cried for three days, it was his turn then. We haven’t known how Zhao’s ex would do with the heap of onions in his front door. However, the delivery staff seems to the one who will cry before him.

She Wrote She Had Cried For Three Days
She Wrote She Had Cried For Three Days, Then It Was His Turn

The delivery company had to move 40 times to bring a ton of onions to his house. As estimated, this heap of onions costs about 5,000 Yuan (around Rs. 53,000). How expensive revenge is! Many users on the internet expressed their sympathies for the girl. However, many people thought that it wasn’t worth doing that. Some users also commented that her ex might sell onions to the supermarket and use that sum of money to buy gifts for his new girlfriend.

The Delivery Staff Had To Move 40 Times
The Delivery Staff Had To Move 40 Times To Deliver All The Onions