In 2019, India has suffered from multiple internet shutdowns. The government explained that they were doing this to protect the country and sensitive regions in the country.

Imagine what it would be like if you don't have internet. You won't be able to check your email for work, find your way using Google Map or look for information on the internet,... Your life will be like 20 years ago when everything was slow and inconvenient.

India lost Rs 92,000 crore because of internet shutdowns

But the daily life of the people was not the only thing that was affected by these incidents. A recent report showed the economy of the country also got damaged. The report was done by the firm Top10VPN. According to them, India lost $1.3 billion (about Rs 92,000 crore) in 2019 because of these shutdowns. The research also showed that there were more than 100 planned shutdowns in India in 2019 that last approximately 4,200 hours in total.

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Kashmir people didn't have internet for more than 100 days

Kashmir got more than 51 internet shutdowns by August 2019, making the life of all the people who lived there harder. In order to use the internet, people there had to catch a train so-called "Internet Express" from Banihal in Jammu, where the internet wasn't blocked.

In Jammu, they needed to pay Rs 350 per hour to use internet service at cyber cafes. There were so many people who want to use the internet that they had to wait in a long line for their turn.

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The protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens

In December 2019, in an attempt to suppress the protest in New Delhi against the National Register of Citizens and Citizenship Amendment Act, the government shut down the internet of many areas in the capital city and some other states. It caused a total of almost $200 million.