TikTok is rather similar to other online communities: Besides content creators, official organizations and personal blogs, there is a fair amount of malicious actors like haters, scammers, and spammers. In this article, we would list out some of the best ways for you to protect yourself and your account from those threats.

1 – Enable Two-Factors Authentication on Tiktok

This is a common service offer by a lot of social networks and websites to protect users from password thief and phishing attempts. By enabling this, you would add yet another level of protection to your account – every time your account is accessed, it would require a single-use code from your phone or emails.

TikTok has even done a collab with Fortnite on 2FA issue

While the Two-Factors auth on TikTok does not really have these things, it is still secure enough, as it requires the code to be sent to your phone via the use of text messages. It is not as good as the usual two factors auth with separate code and password, but without that code, no one would be able to log in from an unfamiliar phone or device. Furthermore, you would need to unlink your phone number on TikTok if you are going to replace it.

If you access your TikTok by using the “another social network” option, there would not be any confirmations from the app, it would just trust the other service. Because of this, you would have to tighten the security on your social platforms as well.

2 – How to find out if your TikTok account was used by someone other than you

Let’s say you detected some unrecognizable activities like posts and messages made by your account or realized that you have forgotten your account on someone else’s device without logging out. Firstly, you would have to verify the devices that have your accounts recently:

Maxresdefault 1
Remove suspicious devices

Tap “Manage Devices” and browse through the device list to see if your account has been active on any other devices.

Log out of those machines by pressing the trash can icon located next to the unrecognized device. Pick “Remove”

Change your account password afterward – just to be sure.

3 – How to hide your account on Public Recommendations

The default settings on TikTok is that your profile would be automatically recommended by the algorithm to relevant users, who might recognize you or like your contents. Even private users could wind up on this recs – if they have their phone number published or common friends.

Tiktok Allow Others To Find Me Toggle
Toggle this option to remove your presence

If you want to remove yourself from these activities, it is best to block the app from allowing others to follow your account. Toggle the “allow others to find me” option in the privacy settings section.

4 – How to remove hate and spam in comments

TikTok is just another part of the Internet – and due to the anonymity of everything, there are a lot of haters that would not hesitate to shower you in insults or advertisements.

To prevent the comments section of your video from being a toxic cesspool, you can implement some restrictions on it. The simplest option is just to prevent random people from commenting: Select either “Friends” or “Off” on “Who can post comments”.

Tiktok Filter Comments Type Keyword
Filter comments based on keywords

If you don’t want to enable this on all of your videos, it is best that you manually set this on specific targets. In order to do this, you have to tap the three dots on the bottom right and access “Privacy Settings”. On the settings page that appears, select “Turn off comments for this video”.

Another way to manually sort out the comments is to use a keyword filter. The advantage that this method has over others is that people would still be able to discuss your content. To enable filters, you would need to select “Comment Filters” and tap “Enable”. With that, TikTok’s automatic mod would be activated. To specify the exact words that you want to block, select Filter Keywords. All comments that contain that word would be hidden.

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