The shocking incident regarding a snake has just taken place in April at Wynnum West, the eastern suburb of the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. An elderly woman woke up and went to the toilet after her a-few-hour sleep.

Python Toilet
It would be a true nightmare as seeing a snake crawling in a toilet.

However, when just opening the toilet cover, she almost dropped her heart and stomach as seeing something slithering from the bottom. A few moments later, she freaked out realizing that “something” turned out to be a huge snake. She immediately made a call to her daughter and asked Bryce Lockett, a 25-year-old snake busting expert, for help.

Bryce Lockett comes from Snake Catchers Ipswich, an organization that specializes in catching snakes and provides a 24/7 service. After receiving the call, he rapidly came to the woman’s house. At the time he was present, she was extremely panicked. This incident seemed too frightening to her. It was lucky that the creature didn’t endanger her yet.

Especially when that snake turned out to be a python.

Bryce said that the “huge snake” wasn’t a real snake. It turned out to be a 5ft python. In an interview with Courier Mail, he further said that the python might be in search of food. After many times he flushed a toilet, it finally showed the head up.

Bryce wanted to record a video of this creature in a toilet but it started moving and he knew it’s time to act.

Bryce who can catch both snakes and pythons must be your saver in such an incident.

Snake Catcher

This kind of python is often found alongside the eastern seashore of Australia. It has no venom, but its victim should soon receive a tetanus vaccine.

Bryce used his specialized equipment to draw the python out of the toilet and then took it to a forest nearby.

The python is believed to invade the house via the broken waterline. He also further said that since the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of similar cases has shown a considerable increase. Bryce sometimes received up to 06 calls relating to catching snakes.

Another incident was recorded in Ghaziabad, India a few days ago. Accordingly, a huge snake suddenly came up and slithered into a hole on the ATM machine. All of the onlookers felt panic about its appearance.

Last year, a woman named Helen Richards in Brisbane was bitten by a python while sitting in the water closet. It bit her ass as she visited her relatives.

Helen said to News Corp at that time, she supposed the faucet was stuck. She immediately jumped up and turned her head back to see a python’s head in a toilet. How scary an incident is!