As a country with the second-largest population, the India market is one of the main targets for tech companies. According to Sensor Tower, as of now, India is having more than 608 million users who are in a hunger for more new technologies.

Recently, Sensor Tower just released a report called "Q3 Store Intelligence Data Digest", stating that Indian downloaded the most apps in Q3 with over 5 billion downloads. In fact, the number of downloads in India actually fell a little bit compared to Q2. Meanwhile, the US in second place only has more than 3 billion downloads.

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Indian downloaded more than 5 billion apps in Q3 2019

From the graph, we can also see that most of the downloads of India are from Google Play with almost 5 billion downloads while in the US, the number of downloaded apps from App Store is slightly bigger than that from Google Play. We have seen a massive increase in the download number in India from less than 1 billion in Q1 2016 to 5 billion in Q3 2019. The reason was because of the launch of Reliance Jio in 2016, which offered cheap data and raise the competition between telecom companies.

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Reliance Jio provided cheap data for Indian users

As the number of Indian users increases, big companies such as Youtube, Spotify, Netflix, and Apple has been trying to get a share for themselves in this huge market.

Here are some highlights in the reports:

  • A total of 29.6 billion apps was downloaded in Q3 2019, 9.7% more than Q3 2018.
  • The most downloaded game in Q3 2019 is Fun Race 3D with more than 120 million downloads, followed by PUBG Mobile with more than 90 million downloads.

Games 7ff0_wm
PUBG Mobile is the second most downloaded game in Q3 2019

  • Mario Tour Kart was released on September 25 and reached 90 million downloads in the very first week.
  • Games is the most downloaded category in Q3 2019 with 2.44 billion downloads.
  • Whatapps is the most downloaded app in Q3 2019 with more than 180 million downloads.