Recently, a YouTuber did a really insane challenge when throwing 10 lakh paper towels into a swimming pool. This insane YouTuber wants to see if these paper towels can absorb all the water in the pool. But he soon has to regret this decision.

Tyler Tried To Soak Up A Swimming Pool
Tyler Tried To Soak Up A Swimming Pool

Tyler Oliveira is quite popular on YouTube with about 6 lakh subscribers. The YouTuber had a successful year in 2019 when he became viral thanks to interesting challenge videos. But recently, he had a really bad start for this year with a stupid challenge. And what this YouTuber receives, after all, is criticism. What an insane idea!

Can 10 Lakh Paper Towels Absorb A Swimming Pool?

Tyler Oliveira threw 10 lakh paper towels into the swimming pool to test. The outcome was a heap of wet tissue floating on the water. But he seemed to have thought that it was just a harmless joke. However, many viewers commented on the video, expressing their anger and criticism on his stupid action. It was wasting, insane, and so stupid, and it can harm the environment.

He Threw 10 Lakh Paper Towels Into Thr Pool
He Threw 10 Lakh Paper Towels Into The Pool

But Tyler tried to argue stubbornly with silly reasons. He said people also cut trees to make houses and we’re living in those wooden houses. Or else, the amount of paper towels you use for the whole life is ten times larger than that, or those who don’t protect the environment have no right to criticize him. At the end of the video, this insane YouTuber even tried to burn all the wet tissues. But it didn’t work and caused so much smoke.

It got worse when the number of criticism rose. Realizing that it was getting out of control, Tyler changed his attitude and admitted his mistake. Then, the YouTuber started to call for support for the Australian bushfire. However, after all, he got bad fame among the community.