Keanu Reeves is quite busy these days. With the success of the three John Wick movies, the actor has been propelled back to greater popularity, just like in his Matrix days. He is currently involved in many blockbuster projects such as The Matrix 4 and the next Fast and Furious movie.

Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves E3 Jpg 1200x675
Keanu as Johnny in the E3 Reveal Trailer of the game

Based on a recent reveal, it turned out that Johnny Silverhand, the avatar of Keanu Reeves in the upcoming CD Projekt Red game Cyberpunk 2077, wasn’t going to have that big a part. However, due to Reeves’ pushes, the guy gets to play a bigger role in the story than originally planned. Johnny Silverhand is a digital ghost of a Rockstar who lives inside the cyber augment of protagonist V’s head.

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand Keanu Reeves Uhdp
The guy would only be a digital ghost inside your head

At an Italian festival for Comics and Games, the voice actor for Johnny Silverhand’s Italian voice, Luca Ward, revealed that due to Keanu’s demand, the amount of lines that the character has is pretty much doubled. This information also agrees with the previous reveals in July, with the game’s story director’s comments on Keanu’s work on the character. Apparently, due to his enjoyment of the series, Reeves talked CDPR into giving his character a bigger part.

Andre Simoes Johnny Silverhand Full Size
Johnny is a Rocker, which is actually a viable class in the Cyberpunk tabletop game

It’s known that Johnny Silverhand is the NPC with the most dialogue lines in the game, and now we know why. Despite the fact that V would be spending all the time with Johnny, he is not one of the romance options in this game - its a shame, really.

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be released on April 16, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. A Google Stadia release is also in the works. According to analysts, this game’s sales could go up to 20 million units just during the first year. Interested in more Cyberpunk 2077 news? Please check out this post for information about the romance aspects of the game.