In 2018 nearly nobody knew about the existence of TikTok, but things have totally changed now. TikTok is rising fast, and it has become a huge opponent of Facebook and Instagram. Previously known as Musically, this app allows users to create short clips with all kinds of tools. Users can download those clips (usually about 15 seconds long), or upload them so that other users can watch them.

Nowadays, almost all young people with a smartphone in India use TikTok, or at least have TikTok in their smartphones. This app is like a mini version of Youtube and Instagram combined into one app, so it is really easy to use, and the videos on TikTok can go viral extremely quickly if your videos have wonderful ideas. If someone says TikTok is a social network for short clips now, we would not disagree. The creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in October 2019 had to admit that Tiktok is bigger than Instagram in India.

Tiktok is the most popular social app in India, even surpassed Facebook

Since TikTok creates chances for people to go viral quickly, content creators on TikTok have tried many different ideas for their videos on this social media, and apparently “life hacks” videos are “the chosen one” for content creators on TikTok. To be fair, life hacks videos have been all over the Internet. We have them on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram … , and TikTok can never be an exception. But the proportion of life hacks videos on TikTok is the biggest, comparing with the proportion of this kind of video on other social media platforms.

You can always find life hacks videos on TikTok

Life hacks videos can always attract a huge number of views, but then the majority of us always wonder whether these “hacks” works. On one hand, all of these hacks look easy to do and useful for real life. But on the other hand, we can’t trust everything we see on the internet, and none of us want to make a mess in our house trying those hacks. Moreover, if we apply these hacks to fix something we love, we need to know for sure that the hacks work, or else we can break our beloved stuff forever.

That is why a famous content creator on Youtube did some experiments with these “life hacks” to find out whether they could actually work or not. His name is Preston, and he has two videos to test the most viral life hacks on TikTok.

Of course, some of the life hacks did not work, but the right ones can work wonderfully. We suggest that you take a look at those two videos of Preston now to discover the truth for yourself.