Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there have been a lot of changes in both India and other countries in the world. It is not exaggerated to say that people, especially the poor, have been facing a big challenge to survive. Many are losing their lives because of the pandemic and others are suffering from the lack of resources. However, K Kamalathal and those like her will become our lifesaver.

80yo Sell Idli
Her idlis are sometimes daily meals of poor people.

K Kamalathal, aged 80, now lives in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She is famous for selling her homemade idlis for only Re 1 to poor people and anyone in need. In spite of her age, she still keeps waking up soon to start her daily work: providing her customers with fresh idlis. A large number of her customers rely on such idlis to survive a day.

According to a report, the number of her sold idlis per day reaches up to 1,000. 10 years ago, each of her idlis is sold for only 50 paise, and until now, the price is just increased to Re 1.

Coronavirus Generous Woman
Meet the 80-year-old woman.

K Kamalathal’s work has begun for about 30 years and during the period, she has never hiked the price. The reason is so simple: she just wants to give a hand to both the needy and poor.

The greatest thing in this 80-year-old woman is that she hasn’t intended to change what she has done even during the Coronavirus pandemic – a time when many businesses are suffering big losses. In an interview with India Today, she said that she would try to keep providing idlis for Re 1 to poor people. Although ingredients are sold for higher prices, she wouldn’t raise her idli prices.

Old Woman

Idli Woman

K Kamalathal obviously chooses to ignore her own profits and puts the benefits of poor people to her top concerns. The warm-hearted woman is bringing happiness to those around her. She is actually our heroine!!!