Ever since the Internet and social media explosion, men have always been the center in the Indian entertainment industry. But as time goes, there has been a major shift in the preferences of the users and this no longer the playground only for male anymore. People are getting more and more interested in women appearance as well.

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She is not only well-known to her audience but to the general community as well

Youtube has always been a harsh place for female content creators, especially in India. There is now a rise in the number of male Youtubers while there are few females in the scene. In order for a woman to become successful on Youtube, she must have left an unexceptionally well impression on the viewers as people will look at her from every aspect and want her to be perfect. And yet, one has made it through and gained the fame and love that she deserved from the audiences, Prajakta Koli, who is also known as MostlySane.

Prajakta Koli, the girl who owns Youtube channel with 4.1 million subscribers

Prajakta Koli is an Indian female Youtuber who lived in Mumbai, Prajakta. She started making Youtube video in 2015. Back in the time, she was trying to become a Radio Jockey. However, no matter how hard she tried, it was just oo hard. While she was interning at Fever 104 FM, she made a video about her meeting with Hrithik Roshan and then she was suggested by Sudeep from One Digital Entertainment to make her own Youtube channel.

Prajakta Koli 1
She was interning at Fever 104 FM, and then decided to become a Youtuber

Prajakta started her Youtube channel MostlySane in February 2015. While she didn't get any overnight success, she remained patient and worked her way up. Of course, she had some videos that attract more subscribers than others such as the one called “10 Hilarious words that Delhi people use." That video gained her 23k subscribers, from 2k to 25k, within months. Now her channel hs 4.1 million subscribers after just 4 years with more than 570 videos. She does 3 videos a week, #RealTalkTuesday,#SawaalSaturday and a regular video on Thursday, which talks about her life's experience.

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Prajakta started her Youtube channel MostlySane in February 2015

Apart from doing activities and making on Youtube to entertain her viewer, Prajakta also goes to many offline events to meet up with her fans and take part in social causes to help the community. Her music video "Shameless," which was to address the body-shaming problem, gained massive attention from the media. “No Offence” was also a music video by her for the campaign "creators for change". Not only the video was a great success and loved by everyone, but it was also shown at the UN, with the participation of Prajakta. You can check out her "Shameless" music video below.

Due to her success and contribution to society, Prajakta was recognized by many big organizations. In earlier this year, Prajakta was announced as one of India’s biggest talents for their 30 by Forbes India under their 30 issue of February. Recently, she was awarded by Exhibit Magazine as one of the top 100 digital influencers and was featured on the cover of Exhibit Magazine in July. However, in an interview, Prajakta revealed her most favorite reward was when a 13-year-old girl came at her at a meeting in Delhi and said how Prajakta' video made her feels more confident. She is proud that her videos have made a positive influence on people around her.

Prajakta has worked with many other YouTubers such as Lilly Singh, FilterCopy, Bhuvan Bam, ... She has also collaborated and interviewed many Bollywood celebrities such as Hrithik Roshan.

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She has collaborated with many other YouTubers and interviewed many Bollywood celebrities

For now, she is working hard to try to remove the social biased associated with a particular gender. Her music video "No Offence" addressed various institutes all at once, including sexism, xenophobia, and homosexuality.

She has made her appearance in many popular shows such as Kareena Kapoor Khan’s show "What Women Want" and has been a TEDx Speaker as well. She discussed the inequality in the performance expectation between male and female in the Youtube industry and related it to further gender issues. Prajakta thought that women have a very strong idea of how a gender should be and apply that filter on everyone around them. She wanted to them break those filter and stop imposing restrictions on themselves to open more possibilities and chance to their life.

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Prajakta Koli at UN Headquarters in New York for International Tolerance Day as part of the Youtube Creators for Change initiative

Prajakta thinks she lucky to have many good people around her, who never held back from any conversation or taught her in a different way just because she was a girl. Her team was also very nice to her and gave her a lot of motivation. However, the success she has earned so far is still credited mostly to herself but not anyone else.

While obtaining all of these successes, Prajakta still remained very humble. She also one of a few people who admit that she afraid one day, there will be another person who is better than her and people will eventually forget about her. However, that thought doesn't stop her from doing good deeds and step up bravely It's great to see such a great person like that is being recognized by everyone around the globe. Not only she is entertaining her audiences, but she is also trying to change to the world to make it a better place.

It's very important for women to be courageous and know that they can do anything. Content creators like Prajakta Koli are very important to spread this message and bring changes through their works. Thanks to them, we will definitely get to see more and more women take part in the Youtube industry and many other male-dominance fields.