Coronavirus outbreak has impacted all the aspects of life in China heavily, and the gaming and esports industry in China is certainly not an exception. The LPL (Tencent League of Legends Pro League) – the biggest esports tournament for League of Legends in China – has been postponed without a deadline. That is certainly a terrible piece of news for League of Legends lover all over the world, but perhaps not so bad for us. During the time LPL is delayed, we have some time to dig deeper into some side information of this tournament, and we have found Rita – the heavenly charming MC of this tournament.

Screenshot 83
MC Rita of the LPL in China

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Rita is not a famous name among the international gaming community, as Candice is the main international MC of the LPL. League of Legends lovers mainly know Candice as the only MC of the LPL, but that is not correct. Rita is mainly in charge of the internal interviews, and that is why her name is not known much by the international fans, but League of Legends lovers in China know her very well.

Rita has a face of a true angel: beautiful, pure, charming. Moreover, she also has a stunningly hot body, and this MC knows how to put the best features of her on display.

Screenshot 92
Rita is extremely famous among League of Legends community in China

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Before becoming the MC of the LPL, Rita was a “low-end” pro gamers of League of Legends. She has joined multiple small tournaments for the game, and that was how the organizers of the LPL got her. Rita quickly became extremely famous among the League of Legends community in China. Besides being the MC for the LPL, Rita is also the representative for many gaming gear brands in China too.

Screenshot 88
MC Rita is also the representative of many big gaming gear brands in China

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We do hope that the Coronavirus outbreak will be stopped soon so that the LPL can come back, alongside with two beautiful MC Candice and Rita.