A beautiful female streamer with nickname KTLODO faced Death when she joined the big gaming event TwitchCon. Check out the story here with Gurugamer.com.

TwitchCon is one of the biggest gaming events in the world which attracts a great number of gamers and fans. Many influential people, as well as star streamers, also attended this event to see the masterpieces of game publishers from all over the world. In such a crowded event, a little carelessness can lead you to death, like the unlucky streamer KTLODO.

Unlucky PUBG Streamer Faced Death

This beautiful but unlucky streamer is very famous for playing FPS games on Twitch, such as PUBG and Overwatch. She shared that she was anesthetized in a party in the event Twitchcon 2019. Fortunately, her friends were there and took her to the hospital on time.

Streamer Ktlodo 2
Streamer KTLODO

After several checks, the doctors concluded that she was anesthetized by a chemical named benzodiazepine – a very dangerous addicting tranquilizer. It can cause her dead if combined with alcohol. This toxin might have been diluted in drinks at the party.

Ktlodo Tweet
KTLODO's Tweet

This female streamer got treated on time. After drinking this toxin, she stopped breathing for a short while and even saw the Death. KTLODO shared a photo on her Twitter in treating in the hospital to express her thanks to her friends who saved her. She also confirmed overcoming the risk.

Streamer Ktlodo Was Treated In Hospital
Streamer KTLODO Was Treated In Hospital

An Alarm for TwitchCon Security Guard

This dangerous case is an alarm for the security department in TwitchCon. In such a big event, it is pretty difficult to take control and prevent people from bringing toxins at the party. However, the security agencies have to take responsibility for the safety of guests.

Female Pubg Streamer Faced Death In A Gaming Event
Female PUBG Streamer Faced Death In A Gaming Event

KTLODO shared that she felt lucky in this case. Although this incident passed away, it still left a dark memory among gamers and streamers, especially those who were at that party. 

Check out some photos of this sexy streamer here.

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