Every mother almost steps one foot in the grave during her giving birth but the woman from Gujarat even faced much more danger as being surrounded by lions, the king of the jungle.

Lions Birth
The lions surrounded the ambulance, and therefore the woman had to give birth in the vehicle.

DNA reported that the incident took place in Gir Somnath. An unknown woman was being taken to the hospital when the ambulance was surrounded by up to 4 lions. She has no other choices but to give birth in that ambulance. It was lucky that the emergency staff successfully helped her deliver the baby.

The emergency staff then revealed that both the woman and the baby were fine. As for the lions, they loitered around the ambulance for about 20 minutes or more.

The lions finally went away, and the emergency staff could continue taking both the woman and the baby to the hospital. Until now, they are still being taken care of in the hospital.

A similar incident also happened to another woman on May 10. However, this woman delivered up to three babies, instead of just only one as the first woman.

Deliver Baby
In the second incident, up to three babies were born in the ambulance.

According to a report from TOI, Govind Bambhania who works as an emergency medical technician in a 108 ambulance had to contact a gynecologist to ask for help at that time. Fortunately, he succeeded in helping the woman give birth based on the doctor’s instructions.

The report also revealed that whenever the woman cried out during the labor, the lions would say a deafening roar in the forest nearby.

Back in 2017, PTI reported another incident of a pregnant woman, aged 32. The third incident took place after midnight in Amreli district, near the Gir forest.

This time, the number of lions hit 12. They came from the forests nearby and rapidly surrounded the ambulance. According to an Emergency Management Executive Chetan Gaadhe from the 108 call center in Amreli, Ashok Makwana, an Emergency Management Technician (EMT) realized that the woman was going to give birth and the baby’s head was visible. He immediately required the driver to stop the vehicle to cope with the emergency. It was obvious that he had the right choice.

It was the courageous and fast behaviors of the paramedic staff that saved the pregnant woman and the baby and protected them from the kings of the jungle.

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