TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms now with a large number of users at a wide range of ages. However, as calculated, most of the users are teengers. So, the developers added many safe modes to protect their users from the dangers on the internet. And recently, TikTok has added a new feature called “Family Safety Mode”, letting parents control their children’s activities on this app. Check out this story here with Gurugamer.com.

TikTok App Added “Family Safety Mode” 

This new mode allows parents and guardians to protect their teens on TikTok. Parents can link their accounts to their children’s accounts to control some activities of teens. Moreover, parents will know how long their children use the app every day and control their screen time.

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Parents can link their accounts to kids’ accounts

In addition, the new mode lets parents manage and restrict the contents teens can see on TikTok. Now “Family Safety Mode” is available for users in the UK and soon for users in other regions in a few weeks.

TikTok is a hot app now
TikTok is a hot app now

In addition, TikTok is planning to develop this app and add more categories, such as Comedy, Beauty, Gaming, Dance, and so on. A social media account Matt Navarra spotted the feature. He took a screenshot of it and posted it on Twitter.

TikTok new mode
The new mode lets parents control teens’ screen time on this app

This new safety mode is a measure that the devs add to this app to help parents keep their kids safe from online danger. It’s expected to be helpful in protecting teens who are less aware of self-protection. It’s hard to keep every content on social media controlled. So, the devs let parents control the contents coming to their children.

TikTok new challenge called Skullbreaker is dangerous
A new challenge called Skullbreaker is dangerous

TikTok has grown crazily and witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of users since last year. Along with that, there are many dangerous challenges created by users. Moreover, these trends spread quickly among users, especially teens who are more hungry for fame. Recently, the authorities have to warn parents about a new trend on the platform, known as, Skullbreaker Challenge. Lots of teens have been put in danger by this fatal challenge.