In India, Netflix is currently right behind Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video, to be one of the biggest movie streaming services in the country. India, with the popularity of more than 1 billion people, is one of those areas where Netflix treats as their 'keys' for growth. Because of this reason, Netflix has released a new mobile-only subscription service that is really cheap - to become more appealing to its Indian customers. Yet, data from SimilarWeb tells a different story - that Netflix India currently in its decline phase.

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The new, cheaper Netflix subscribers plan for the Indian Market

According to the latest data from SimilarWeb, the daily active users' number of the Netflix app - in the India market - fell about 4% during the 3rd quarter of 2019, comparing to the previous quarters.

The data of SimilarWeb came from the tracking of average active users of an app on a per-day basis, as well as their other activities on websites and applications. SimilarWeb currently holding the Netflix usage data of 30 different countries - including India, Brazil, and the UK. And while the data doesn't capture the full 'footprint' of Netflix in all countries, it does bring to us a lot of insight about Netflix's performance in different markets.

Netflix India Feature
Netflix also wants to make more exclusive contents with India film producers

Back to the Indian market, an in-depth look at the data has shown us that - the number of users using Netflix daily in India (which is one of the measure of the service's subscribers) is far less than those of Hotstar and Amazon Prime - the main competitor of Netflix in the Indian market. However, it seems that Netflix's open rate is starting to become better - especially after they release the new, cheaper mobile data plan for subscribers. This is also the main strategy that Hotstar and Amazon were using to gain more subscribers for their respective apps.

The data of Netflix daily active users in India

"It's looking positive for Netflix in India," the manager of SimilarWeb, Ed Lavery, told in an interview. However, this strategy can suffice or not in the long run? - that'll be the story of the future, and we'll have to wait until the end of the year to get a better look at the result.