Australia is the land that sees a lot of giant creatures: giant snakes that sneak into your house through toilets, giant spiders suddenly appear in on the walls and giant kangaroos that can knock you out with their punches and kicks. However, the things we're looking into today is another thing: giant tits and butts.

Australian pornstars are funny, active and know how to make their mates feel the climax in a relaxing way. But don't underestimate their figures, as some of these Aussies have the matching sizes and levels of chest and booty with the giants running over the land!

So not going to waste your time any further, let's find out the first babe in this series of the 10 Most Beautiful Australian Adult Movie Actresses!

1. Ava Hardy

Date of Birth: 1993

Starting this one with a humorous type of girl - Ava Hardy. This Eva makes you go hard with her funny jokes on the bed, and she doesn't need much to keep that wide bright smile from the start to the end of the intercourse. And the power of smiles has brought her very far in the industry, as she has gone through many genres such as hardcore, threesome, and striptease.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 2
Her smile has brightened up my days

However, Ava Hardy has experienced both ups and downs with her career after starting to film erotic movies for the industry since 2011. She has to take a short break to prepare for a better self, and bounce back strong in 2015. From there, her deep blue eyes and a beautiful body of a pettie has shined brightly now. Her boobies are not too small, 34B to be exact, but it's 100% natural, and her ant-like waist makes its looks much bigger than it seems. Check it for yourself!

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 1
You can find various movies of this babe to check her out!

2. Lucie Bee 

Date of Birth: 1989

Not having the socializing skills that Ava Hardy gets, Lucie Bee has the beauty of a nerd pornstar that loves video games! She's deeply in love with cosplaying whether it's superheroine or sci-fi character, Lucie doesn't feel shy while showing off her toned body through tight costumes. The only thing different now is that she shows off her nerdy loves in 18+ scenes as well.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 4
Lucie Bee doesn't look quite nerdy with this photo right!

Lucie's body type is quite similar to Ava Hardy, decent natural boobs and curvy white asses of a barbie doll. I might be fooled by her cosplay, but trust me, this girl knows what she is doing. To make up for her 'ugly duckling' face, she is extremely skilled at the art of sex, as she mastered BJ and every position that you throws at her. Lucie Bee is an escort as well, and you can ask her for a sweet steamy gaming night and then make her orgasm uncontrollably!

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 5
She's a great squirter!

3. Alana Wolfe

Date of Birth: 1989

Being rewarded as the Cyber Girl of The Month by Playboy magazines, you can already guess how much viewers love this girl. Alana Wolfe is the gorgeous Aussie that you will want to look at all day long. Her perfect body of a MAXIM model has no problems attracting men and considering how expressive she is with blonde hair, I just can't resist imagining her reaching climax on the bed.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 6 1
Alana Wolfe is a MAXIM's model

Alana definitely acknowledges her ample assets too, so she doesn't want to hide anything of them. Attending events, this girl loves to wear extremely revealing clothes, especially see-through dress that barely hide any of her breasts or buttstock. Alana is the best version of her in front of the camera, and I haven't seen such an energetic pornstar for a while. Unfortunately, she only acted in solo movies until now, but who knows what she will be into in the future?

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 5
Maybe she'll shine brighter in different genres

4. Arianny Koda

Date of Birth: 1991

Now we finally have one of the actresses that have giant assets that match the giant creatures in Australia - Arianny Koda. Not only having a pair of melon that will smack your dudes down and make its release white blood like no others, but all of her body parts are also quite chubby. Not a perfect one to stay on top of you, or you might get flattened.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 7
Would you mind Arianny Koda sitting on top of you?

Maybe the Asian blood running inside her veins has made her different from other Aussie porn actresses in this list. If you have a fetish in big boobs, Arianny Koda is the perfect one that can swallow any types of sticks no matter how big they are. I mean, what can compete with her 36DD boobs now?

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 8
Arianny Koda has some Asian origins

5. Selena Silver

Date of Birth: 1979

We've got small-chested young actresses, BBW ones, and now, it's time for a MILF. Selena Silver doesn't have the power and humor of the youth and doesn't have the crazily huge assets. However, the thing that keeps her climbing on the chart of famous porn actresses is her mastery of anal sex. The Australian queen of anal has filmed over 150 movies now, and that number is only rising.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 9
Selena Silver still knows how to maintain her position in the industry

Knowing about her drawbacks at the age of 40 now, Selena doesn't have the luxury of choosing which cocks and which genre she acts in. Hence, she's made things simple by taking every dude she can, and Selena soon realized that she was born for this. She expresses her true self with gangbang and group sex scenes, where Selena can swallow as many white sticky essences from man as she wants. Always horny, that's the best tips for a pornstar that Selena Silver has made use of very well!

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 10
The Australian queen of anal!

6. Sally Charles

Date of Birth: 1993

Sally Charles stays away from the concept of a young immature or slutty type of characters. In front of the cameras, Sally Charles the feminine girl that will be a perfect wife if you don't pay too much attention on her face. She has a wonderful body to help her: nice pairs of natural boobies, smooth skin, and enough-for-use booty.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 11
Sally Charles owns the feminine beauty

People know her the best for her sensual masturbation videos, but she also did boy x girl movies as well. At least this young girl knows how to love herself with some orgasm by both fingers and men's little dudes.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 12
But she'll turn into a beast on the bed

7. Kiki Vidis

Date of Birth: 1989

Likes many other Aussie babes, Kiki Vidis loves to party, and she is also always willing to removes all her clothes and satisfy her nympho's desires there. Even though she's 30 now, Kiki still has the look of a young playful teen that could spend a whole day on beach alluring handsome guys for some intimating fun.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 13
Kiki Vidis looks much younger than she should

Bursting in the pornographic scenes in 2008, she has worked for some major 18+ studios such as Digital Playground and New Sensation. You can look at her early videos back on that date, and you'll surprise that she doesn't look much different than what she is now!

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 14
Kiki Vidis is a true veteran in the industry

8. Yasmin Scott

Date of Birth: 1982

If you're dreaming of a mature woman coming to you to teach your virgin dude the first lesson of sex in your life, it must be Yasmin Scott. She's 37 years old now, and the more ages she gets on, the more MILF-ish Yasmin becomes. There's something in this Aussie that I find similar to a boss of a brothel, mastering every form of sexual arts in her hands.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 16
She also suits the costume of Western cowgirl

Yasmin has just joined the 18+ industry 4 years ago, but her mature face makes her looks extremely experienced in this field. And in fact, she's very experienced, and she can teach not only young girls but also boys about how to make their counterparts feel the ecstasy on the bed. She loves young people, and will never turn down an offer of having sex with them.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 15
The coach of sex - I must say

9. Gigi Allens

Date of Birth: 1986

Blonde Australian girl with huge titties and loves to wear lingerie - Gigi Allens has the cold type of beauty with her icy blue eyes. She's very tall and has the perfect body to become a supermodel, but she has chosen the route of being a pornstar instead of the love of sex. Her boobs are 32F size connected with her natural round ass with a 24-inch waist. The true form of a succubus that will absorb your liquid until you're completely dried.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 17
She has the body for a supermodel, but opted to become a super porn star!

Another interesting thing about this girl is that she loves BDSM. In fact, Gigi Allens loves it so much that she doesn't want to do anything else but torturing cocks and smacking them with corporal punishment. If you love a dominant type of girl, she's perfect for your grinding materials.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 18
Gigi Allens is fond of nothing else but bondage!

10. Angela White

Date of Birth: 1986

Wrapping up this one with Angela White - one of the Australian actresses that have the most bizarre pairs of boobs in the industry. To be more specific, her tits' size is 42G, and together with her natural huge ass, she has one of the most voluptuous bodies in the country of Kangaroos.

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 19
Angela White has monstrous boobs

Angela White is kind of a freelancer in the 18+ industry, so you can easily find her movies on every site you want. She mostly does lesbian porn, but there are many boy x girl scenes of her as well for you to enjoy!

Top 10 Australian Adult Movie Actresses 20
Her movies can be found all over the Internet


That's the end! Hopefully, you enjoy the Australian porn actresses above and don't forget to check other girls in our previous articles here, here and here.