Big boobs (BB for short) have become an irreplaceable category on almost every 18+ sites for some reason. First of all, there are a lot of people that are completely fond of the melon-sized breasts that jiggle with every bounce and can smack down the toughest balls you've got. Secondly, some just can't stand the small ones that can barely equivalent to a full hand-grab.

And if you are one of the big boobs-lovers like me, here's your treat. Today, Gurugamer will give you the complication of Top 10 adult movie actresses with the sexiest big boobs in the industry. All of them are natural according to our research, so you don't have to worry about the fake/enhanced ones that look too unreal.

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1. Natasha Nice

Date of Birth: 1988

Sometimes I think that everyone named Natasha always has great body figures, such as Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow in the Avengers series. At least Natasha Nice is not an exception as her 36D-sized breasts look phenomenal. And to match the god tier of her boobs, she also has a decently huge bottom, which adds a lot to her alluring slutty looks. You might see this girl very familiar, as she has starred in the famous 18+ movie American Pie - American Reunion in 2012.

Top 10 Big Boob Adult Movie Actresses 1
Natasha Nice looks both nerdy and slutty at the same time

Natasha Nice has started filming 18+ scenes in 2006 at her 18th age and is still working in the industry now. Another great thing about this sexy French babe is that you'll probably not get over her in a while since she has filmed over 200 movies, which together brought her fifty million viewers and 3 million fans visited her profile (in 2016). Beautiful face, stunningly hot body and dedication - those are the attributes that brought Natasha to become Penthouse Pet of the Month in December 2011.

Top 10 Big Boob Adult Movie Actresses 2
Nothing can stop this girl from flaunting her gorgeous assets

2. Noelle Easton

Date of Birth: 1994

Noelle Easton will be your best gift this Noel event, as she is not only famous for her scorchingly hot bodies but also for her phenomenal balls-licking prowess. And together with the milky white skin and lovable face, this American bombshell doesn't need many times to make her name remembered in the adult entertainment industry. Her body measurements are 34DD-26-36, which makes her not a pack of fat, but a dream-like doll that was born to become a true form of a succubus.

Noelle Easton is a beast at licking balls

And of course, Noelle Easton knows how to use her monster boobs to satisfy her partners on the bed. Putting sticks inside her cleavage is the best ecstasy you can have, and even though your sticks are busy somewhere else, it's still very great to see them naturally bouncing when Noelle strikes at her reverse-cowgirl position.

Her favorite position is reverse-cowgirl

3. Marina Visconti

Date of Birth: 1995

Marina Visconti is a young Moscow girl that has been dominating the 18+ scenes with only several years of working, and it happens for a reason. Just look at her incredible figures 39DD-sized boobs matching with 39-sized round bouncy ass, you will understand why this girl has become the favorite in many directors' eyes. Her very first movies were filmed in Russia, but she decided to move to the USA later on to gain more success.

Both her chest and her booty are incredibly huge!

Marina Visconti has worked for a lot of major names in the industry, such as Blacked, Brazzers, Mofos and many more, and it seems that every time she changed her agency, she chose a brand new alias. So if you find this familiar face with a different name such as Marina V, Sheila B or Vika Dajvodku, you know who you're looking at. Marina is still very young, and a bright future is waiting for her.

This girl has nearly 10 alias for her goods!

4. Anissa Kate

Date of Birth: 1987

If you're more into the experienced MILF rather than the young sexy adults, Anissa Kate is a great choice. She was born in France in 1987 and has started to soar in popularity for her giant knockers and her expressive performance. Having the mixed blood of French and Arabian, you might find this girl having some similar vibes to the notorious Kim Kardashian, but her boobs are much more impressive.

Top 10 Big Boob Adult Movie Actresses 7
Do you see Anissa Kate similar to Kim Kardashian?

To be more specific, Anissa Kate has a nice natural pair of 37D-sized breasts, which is also the most outstanding part of her body as well. The other parts, well, not so impressive, but she makes up for it by her acting skills. You can easily find over 160 porn movies of her on the Internet now, most of which are on Brazzers and Digital Playground.

She looks deadly with chokers and lingerie

5. Faye Reagan

Date of Birth: 1988

Even though Faye Reagan has stepped onto her 30th age now, her beautiful face doesn't seem to age at all. On the contrary, it even looks more beautiful now with the more experiences she gathered with her expression, and it shines really brightly with her natural boobies. It's not the biggest pair in the industry, but its shape is phenomenal, which jiggles attractively with each of her moves.

Top 10 Big Boob Adult Movie Actresses 9
What's the point of wearing bras if you own such a great natural assets

Faye Reagan was born in Las Vegas and started her porn career in 2007, and people immediately recognize this redhead babe without any problems thanks to her exotic looks and expressive actings. All of her 300 movies have contributed to her success now, making her one of the most successful 30-year-old porn actresses.

She has filmed over 300 movies until now

6. Jaye Rose

Date of Birth: 1990

This is the second time we write about this girl, as Jaye Rose also appears in our list of best British porn actresses. She entered the 18+ industry incidentally, as she can't find her satisfaction working in as a glamour model. Acknowledging how big her breasts are, she wants to show them even more to the viewers, and she has chosen the art of sex for her goods.

Top 10 Big Boob Adult Movie Actresses 11
Jaye Rose is one of the sexiest British porn actresses

Her boobs size is 36DD, and it's entirely natural, which is very rare in the British scenes. Adding the cherry on top, her face is also very beautiful, and it becomes even more steamy if her co-actors can satisfy the lustiest demands of Jaye.

Top 10 Big Boob Adult Movie Actresses 12
Don't underestimate the sexual desire of this redhead!

7. Darcie Dolce

Date of Birth: 1992

DJ-ing seems to be none of Darcie Dolce's tastes, as she prefers the art of BJ-ing more. This bombshell was born in California and was soon noticed by her friends at her school times with her huge breasts. When she grew up, they didn't stop growing until it hit the mark of 32DD. Before entering the industry, she has worked as a DJ, but it didn't last long for such a slutty girl.


She stepped into the porn industry quite late, only for more than a year now. As a result, she only shines in over 40 movies now, but that number will soon rise considering how much popularity she has taken on recently. Darcie Dolce's breast are not the nicest shaped ones, but its volume will be the true eye-candies in the future.

8. August Ames

Date of Birth: 1994

August Ames is both the pride and the sorrow of the porn industry since her life lasts too short for such a beautiful angel. She has died in 2017 at her 23rd age, leaving behind a huge black hole that no one can fill up. This Canadian beauty was born in August, so she has chosen this for her alias. Heaven luckily got a new angel with the same name.

August Ames too young and beautiful to die early

August Ames has started filming her erotic movie in 2013, and throughout her 4 years of working, she has left more than 160 movies showcasing her huge boobs in action. She immediately got the award of AVN's Best Newcomer in her first year in the industry, and people are very sad that they can't see her squirting like crazy in her porn scenes anymore.

Her butt is heavenly as well, but we won't be able to see new videos of her anymore

9. Lena Paul

Date of Birth: 1992

The 32DDD-sized breasts are not the only attractive parts of Lena Paul's body, but sometimes her wide hip steals some screentime of this girl as well. Together, they've created the sexiest hourglass that was quite new to the pornographic scenes but not staying behind in popularity for long. People also find that she has a similar look to the French tennis player Alize Cornet as well!

Top 10 Big Boob Adult Movie Actresses 15
Lena Paul has the perfect hourglass body

And unlike other newcomers, Lena Paul is not picky about the genres that she'll star in. She has accepted many offers for taboo sex, BDSM, hardcore and lesbian, and nothing can obstruct this girl from her success.

Top 10 Big Boob Adult Movie Actresses 16
She bares it all even in the most seducing scenes

10. Jessica Robbin

Date of Birth: 1994

We will end today's list with the ultra-sexy actress Jessica Robbin. She has the completely matching boobs and butt, and considering how out-of-this-world her 34DDD-sized breasts look, you can already guess how round and bouncy her booty is. She's quite tall as well (165 cm), which is perfect to become a high-profile model, but Jessica prefers the world of sexual intercourse more.

Top 10 Big Boob Adult Movie Actresses 17
Her figures are perfect for a model, but she chose to be a pornstar instead

Receiving full support from her family, Jessica can now 100% focus on her actings in porn movies. That's why only over 2 years of hard-working, she has starred in 70+ sensual scenes.

Top 10 Big Boob Adult Movie Actresses 18
She's quite new in the industry, but with family supports, we'll see more of this girl in the future


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