Watching porn is a normal hobby that you do on the Internet now. Many studies have pointed out that almost one-third of Internet traffic is related to pornography, and averagely, a normal person watches porn 7.5 times per month, spending around 12 minutes each time.

And while the adult entertainment industry is expanding and adopting more and more beautiful actresses. Nevertheless, people do have their own favorite pornstars to go to when they need, and many share the same actresses with others.

So, who are the most famous adult movie actresses on the Internet? Below are 10 of the most popular ones, which are rated for their Google search volume. Without further ado, let's find out which actresses receive most love from viewers:

1. Christy Mack

Date of Birth: 1991

Average search volume: 301,000 per month

Even though this American pornstar is still very young, Christy Mack has taken the crown of the most popular adult movie actress and kept it on her head for a while now. Receiving nearly half a million searches for her name ever month, we can tell that a lot of people love to see her tattoos and rebellious looks in action.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 1
Christy Mack is the most-searched actress all over the world

Starting her pornographic career in 2012, the actress has filmed for almost every 18+ sites, and gain most of her reputation through her videos on Brazzers. You can easily find her hardcore intimating scenes everywhere on the Internet. Christy is very active on her Instagram account as well, posting a lot of scorchingly hot pictures there, which has gained her 3.7 million followers. Definitely worth following!

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 2
Her Instagram account is full of her revealing pictures

2. Kendra Lust

Date of Birth: 1978

Average search volume: 246,000 searches per month

Doesn't have the juicy beauty of a young girl, Kendra Lust still knows how to make her name remembered with her mature look. In fact, she's by far the best MILF you can find on the Internet right now, and there are some good reasons for that. In her school days, she has won the crown of a homecoming queen, and always practice to keep her assets fit and healthy.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 3
Kendra Lust has done a good job maintaining her body

Her efforts pay off now, as Kendra still owns a very deadly body even though she's stepping to her 39 now. With voluptuous enhanced breast, alluring bottoms that always point out as the biggest black hole ever, absorbing every little dude and the perfect brunette looks, Kendra Lust is the real-life definition of lust!

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 4
She has the perfect looks for mature women roles

3. Nicole Aniston

Date of Birth: 1987

Average search volume: 246,000 searches per month

I would call this another runner-up for Nicole Aniston, since she shared the same volume of search with Kendra Lust. But considering the alphabet order, N comes after K, so she's the third ones to be mentioned. Starting her career in 2010, Nicole has filmed over 187 films now, and most of her best videos are on Naughty America - with 68 scenes highly rated by the viewers with the overall score of 9.4 over 10.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 5
Nicole's videos are very high-rated

This busty blonde actress has one of the longest pair of legs among porn actresses. Alongside that, she also has decently-sized tits, which is more than enough to fit our hands and our little dudes. Nicole Aniston is now one of the most wanted faces in the industry, and many directors have invited her to their parodies. To be more specific, the sexiest parodies that she stars in are Thomb Raider XXX and Thor XXX.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 6
Do you see her familiar to Megan Fox?

4. Sunny Leone

Date of Birth: 1981

Average search volume: 165,00 searches per month

Now it's not surprising as our beauty queen - Sunny Leone managed to secure this spot even though she has stepped down from the porn industry to join Bollywood. The surprising fact is that the searches for Sunny Leone don't come only from India but from all over the world! She's the most famous Indian adult movie actresses to the world, and will likely to hold her crown for a while!

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 8
Sunny Leone is the Indian porn actress that's famous all over the world!

Ethereal is the only word I can give to describe Sunny Leone. She's beautiful, she's extremely sexy, and her acting skills were recognized in both mainstream media and the alternative industry. It's quite saddening that we can no longer see her acting in intimating scenes anymore, but we can still enjoy our good-old video treasures of her!

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 7
I'll keep her videos in my collection forever!

5. Abella Danger

Date of Birth: 1995

Average search volume: 165,000 searches per month

While many porn actresses have to start their career with a long period of self-filming, there are few ones that become famous on the very first days like Abella Danger. Having the mixed-race of Ukrainian and Jewish, Abella has practice ballet as soon as she turned 3-year-old. Now you know why she's so flexible and can bend her body like a sweet pillow on the bed.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 10
Abella Danger is very flexible

Started her pornographic career in 2014 with the major production team BangBros, she quickly soars in popularity. Until now, she has 100+ adult movies now, and people definitely love her gothic beauty and curving body parts. And since she's still very young, she is very likely to have a higher placement in the near future!

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 9
The girl doesn't shy from revealing clothes

6. Cory Chase

Date of Birth: 1981

Average search volume: 110,00 searches per month

Cory Chase is the American blonde MILF that loves to film for taboo videos. She always shines the best with her forceful moaning while being pushed down by her stepsons or husband. I guess she can't do anything about it after flashing her bare booty and boobs in front of them.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 12
Cory Chase has a crush with taboo sex

Cory Chase has worked for many major porn sites, including Naughty America, Brazzers and Mofos. Even though she does not appear in VR, her 4k videos are still very satisfying to see. She has a husband now, and even though she loves her husband a lot, it can't stop her to do her favorite thing - filming adult movies with other actors.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 11
Cory Chase is the most delicious meal that a stepmom can provide!

7. Lana Rhoades

Date of Birth: 1996

Average search volume: 110,000 searches per month

Lana Rhoades is the youngest one on this list, and probably the one that loves the industry the most. She has made many efforts to be able to star in the industry since she was 18, but not until 2016 does Lana succeed to get in. We're very lucky to see such a beautiful babe with mesmerizing blue eyes and bubbly butts bouncing in front of our scenes.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 13
Lana Rhoades is the youngest on in this list

Lana doesn't shy from anything the directors throw at her, including hardcore, public, striptease and many more. It's only 3 years since she joined the industry now, but she quickly gained the love from the viewers, and the actress has a very bright future waiting for her ahead!

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 14
Her ass and boobs are something else!

8. Bridgette B

Date of Birth: 1983

Average search volume: 90,500 searches per month

It's very rare to see a Spanish babe to star in the adult movie actresses list, but Bridgette B is not an ordinary case. People don't fall in her charm easily, but once you get in, there's completely no way out. A lot of people have been stuck in this situation, making her the second most popular one in Spain, and the thirty-ninth in the world according to Xvideos.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 16
Bridgette B is one of the most famous porn actresses in Spain

Brigette B has two huge capital B in her alias, and her pair of Bs is also enormous as well. The brown-eyed girl is the kind of juicy and meaty kind of actress that you want to find, with 59kg and 172 cm height. Her measurements are out of this world, which makes her loved among fans.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 15
Big booby Bridgette B!

9. Ariella Ferrera

Date of Birth: 1979

Average search volume: 90,500 searches per month

Ariella Ferrera is not just an ordinary MILF in this list, but the hottest Latina MILF in the industry. Hence, it's very reasonable that she scores almost 100,000 searches for her name, considering how sexy this dark brunette is.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 17
Ariella Ferrera is very sexy in black outfits!

Joining the porn industry quite late (at her 30 years old), Ariella focuses mainly on using her charming MILF looks to attract fans. She is not scared of any genre, as she bears it all in double penetration, bondage (her specialty) and other hardcore scenes as well. Those dedication has brought her an AVN Award in 2011 for Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 18
She has the perfect look of a brunette MILF!

10. Blair Williams

Date of Birth: 1994

Average search volume: 60,500 searches per month

We cap this list with Blair Williams - one of the best new starlet best known for her incredibly huge bottom. Blair Williams was born in 1994, and started filming nudity scenes in 2015. But before that, the world has acknowledged her bottoms through the TV reality show - The Sex Factor.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 19
Blair Williams caught viewers' attention in the TV reality show The Sex Factor

To match her butts, the actress has enhanced her breast a little bit, which makes her very busty in hardcore, threesome and striptease scenes. Two years after her debut, the actress was nominated by AVN in two rewards and scored the best deep throat scene on Digital Playground. She also keeps fans in contact through her Twitter accounts, which she uploads a lot of screen-burning pictures.

Top 10 Most Searched Adult Movie Actresses 20
She shows off her sexy assets on social media very often


Above are the 10 most famous actresses that people search for on Google. Don't forget to check other adult movie actress top 10 lists on Gurugamer like here, here and here, and stay tuned for new content coming in the future.