Who could resist the temptation of video games? Not even the US Army can. And now they are turning it from a side hobby into a recruitment tool to attract young Americans to the Army.

Us Army Esports 02
Not even a soldier can resist the temptation of a fantastic video game match

While the world esports market is booming with various games on-air, joining the army seems to be the dead end for the young generation nowadays. Imagine a strict daily schedule with various training in the army camp from morning to night - when is the time for entertainment? Think again! The US Army has come to prove the military life is nothing so dull like that. Even when enrolled in the Army, you can still have time for entertainment, your hobby, or video games.

Us Army Esports 05
Even in the Army, you can still pursuit various hobbies like gaming

Playing video games even in the Army, why not?

Last year, the US Army has announced its own esports team with about 6,500 initial active and reserve soldiers on the list. 16 of them made the final team named U.S. Army Esports. The esports team mostly competes in FPS games like Call of Duty, CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

Us Army Esports 03
The U.S Army Esports team

While the U.S Army Esports team has yet to achieve anything significant due to their lack of time for training, the esports team has made its presence in many esports events. Most recently, U.S Army Esports had attended the popular Blizzcon 2019 last week and played Overwatch.

Us Army 01
The U.S Army Esports team has attended the Blizzcon 2019 in California

Last October, The U.S Army Esports event hosted the ArmyCON 2019 with the help from AUSA.

This seems to be an effort from the US Army to appeal to youngsters in the nation. In a peaceful time like this, the Army has faced many difficulties recruiting new soldiers. With the incredible popularity of video games among the young generation, this seems to be a wise step towards catching attention from young Americans. Will esports and gaming be the trend in the future?