The battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game (PUBG), especially its mobile version, has become hugely popular in India within the past year. Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi are now the favorite places of Indian youngsters to hang out with their friends. Talks of tournaments, guns, player rankings, and “winner winner chicken dinner” can be heard basically everywhere from colleges to offices, on buses and in metros.

Riding on this national phenomenon, a new PUBG-themed cafe named “Winner’s Dinner” has just been opened in Srinagar. The interiors of this place have been designed to look like the battleground in PUBG, which makes customers feel like they are actually in the game world.

Pubg Cafe
Guns, bullets, vests, and helmets are all here

That is not all, customers coming here are given fake guns, ammunition, helmets, bulletproof vests, and other accessories from the game. This allows them to almost experience what a ‘war-zone’ feels like.

PUBG Mobile recently celebrated its first birthday, and its first year was a massive success. Within 2018, the game witnessed several major competitive tournaments. As of last December, it had recorded 200 million downloads and 30 million daily active users, and that number did not even include statistics from several big markets such as China, Japan or South Korea.

But the best part is, there is enough Chicken Dinner for everybody

Humaan Javed, one of the three owners of Winner’s Dinner, shared that he and his two friends got the idea of opening a PUBG-themed cafe while playing the game, but it was not until a month ago that the trio actually brought their dream to life. Initially, their only customers were youngsters who are fans of the game, but now more and more people are becoming interested to the cafe because of its unique designs. Javed also said that they sometimes organize PUBG Mobile tournament as well.

Pubg Cafe 2
A waiter dressed in PUBG attires

The food menu also draws inspiration from PUBG, with categories like Erangel soup or Sanhok snack. And of course, it wouldn’t be PUBG without “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.” The best part is, even those who don’t finish first can still enjoy a delicious chicken dinner here!

Aside from this PUBG-themed place, Srinagar also has an interesting cafe that is based on the theme of Game of Thrones, which is also well-received by many. According to Javed, themed cafes are still a novelty here, which is why many customers are so fascinated with them.