Game addiction that affects the human mind is not something new, but now with exciting new online games that make it hard for people to get rid of it when they played. This case comes from Jammu, a fitness coach showed signs of mental imbalance after playing PUBG Mobile for too many days in 10 days. PUBG is now a very popular game all over the world and highly addictive. In addiction, it has attracted more users since PUBG Corp launched a mobile version. Everyone can play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds anywhere, anytime and this leads to people spending too much time playing games.

Playing too much can be harmful to both physical and mental health

According to a report from UNI, the fitness coach hurt himself when he spent too much time playing PUBG Mobile. After that, he was forced to be hospitalized because of the injury he caused. The reason for this was because he was playing games too much and it lost his mental balance. This is not the first case in this area, before that there were 5 other people who were also concluded to be mentally unbalanced by online game addiction.

The report said the coach had been playing the game continuously for 10 days and then beat himself to the point of being hospitalized.

PUBG is a highly addictive game

Doctors at UNI said he can now recognize people around but his mind has not been stabilized yet. His mental balance has been partly lost, making him unable to stay awake. After playing PUBG Mobile too much, it disturbed his mind.

After witnessing many serious consequences of game addiction, people in the Jammu area have called on Satya Pal Malik - the governors of Jammu and Kashmir in order to give a ban for playing life-threatening games in the state and the whole country.