Rummy is a familiar card game in India, even children know how to play it. There are now phone apps available to help you enjoy the game right on your mobile devices. However, people tend to shy away from this option since they’re worried about the liability as well as the credibility of the apps. So, here we are today to introduce to you yet another trust-worthy Rummy app. Read on as we guide you through the  Ace2Three Rummy app download, and how to play.

1. Ace2Three Rummy App Download: A Brief Introduction

Online Rummy isn’t new in India. The idea of playing the classic card game on mobile platforms has been introduced for years. However, only a few of Rummy apps are considered successful and credible. The “Ace2Three Rummy App” is one of those very few.  Ace2Three Rummy App is the pioneer in the online Rummy portal that offers a real world-class experience to over 12 million users in all of India. It enables the players to game for free and compete for cash from tournaments. You can now enjoy the excitement of India’s famous Rummy right on your very own phones and win money every day. 

ace2three rummy app download
Play Rummy for free with Ace2Three

Card games are famous for entertainment worldwide. Rummy is a classic form of card games which enables the players to showcase their skills while still having fun. Ace2Three Rummy App offers the Indian Rummy, also known as 13-card Rummy or Sequence, which can be played by 2 to 6 players. The variant is considered as a combination of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. It consists of 13 cards with at least two decks of cards that include jokers. 

2. Why Choose Ace2Three Rummy App?

Large Playerbase

Ace2Three claimes to be India’s number 1 Online Rummy App with a dynamic community of over 12 million users. And with 25 Rupees per registration, the game can easily fund tournaments and competition with huge cash prize pools and stakes. The more the merrier. The total prize pool of Ace2Three Rummy App is currently sitting at 10 Lakhs Rupees - one of the biggest in the market. Join the game and earn your chance of winning.

ace2three rummy app download compete
You can now compete with India's best Rummy Players online

Multiple Tournaments 

Ace2Three Rummy App holds regular weekly tournaments and occasional season events that attract many of its users. The competition will be in the knock-out format. It means the winner of lower levels matches can advance to higher ones and repeats continuously until the final champion is decided. So, what are you waiting for? Join others in the competition and win it big!

ace2three rummy app download tournaments
Ace2Three holds regular tournaments for you to try out!

Vibrant Choices

You can customize your experience with Ace2Three Rummy App to match your playing style. The options available are 2 or 6 players tables, jokers or no jokers, and entry amounts that fit your budget. Ace2Three offers the following Rummy variants:

  • Point Rummy: a fast form of Rummy. Each game only lasts for one deal. The winner take chips from other players based on the agreed-upon count and entry value. 
  • Pool Rummy Games (Or Syndicate): the last scoring player win everything. “101 pool”, “Best of Three”, and “201 pool” are the three most popular forms of this variant on Ace2Three. 
  • Multi-table tournaments: a game format that invites large numbers of rummy players from across India to compete against each other. This is also the most rewarding variant on Ace2Three. 

Generous Bonuses and Offers

Ace2Three Rummy App provides regular incentive programs to attract new players and tribute the old ones. It currently offers the “RummySplash120” deal. When normal players convert to premium or buy in-game cash for the first time, they will get a bonus of up to 120% the cash amount and instantly get 200 cash chips.

ace2three rummy app download promotion
Don't miss the Ace2Three new player promotion

3. Ace2Three Rummy App Download: How to Get the Game

Ace2Three App Download is designed with a smooth interface and interactions in order to provide the players with the best possible experience. It’s an entertainment hub on the go. You can now enjoy the classic card game anywhere, anytime. Here are the ways to download the Ace2Three Rummy App:

  • Get the download link via SMS: Give a missed call to the number: 1800-123-9960, scan the QR Code or submit your mobile number on Ace2Three website
  • Directly get the Ace2Three App Download APK pack 
ace2three rummy app download fest
Win big in Ace2Three's Million Fest

4. Ace2Three Rummy App Download: How to Install (For Android)

  • 1: Check the notification once the download is complete
  • 2: Tap on the file to install. If a prompt popped up to warn about security, ignore it and go to settings
  • 3: Go to Settings - Security - Toggle the option for unknown sources
  • 4: Revisit the APK file, tap on it again to start installing
  • 5: Open the app, log in if you already have an account or register one if you don’t

5. Ace2Three Rummy App Download: Common Questions

Is Playing on Ace2Three Rummy App Free Download Legal?

The Indian Gambling and Gaming Law has explicitly categorized Rummy as a game of skill, not a game of chance like most other card games. Therefore, you’re completely safe from any legal liabilities that may arise from playing the game. However, there are certain parts of India that do not have an exception for games of skill. To be more specific, players from Assam, Nagaland, Orissa, Sikkim, and Telangana are not allowed to use Ace2Three’s services. 

ace2three rummy app download platforms
Ace2Three Rummy App is available on both Android and iOS

Are There Limits on Ace2Three Rummy App Free Download?

Yes, there are regulations created to ensure a responsible gaming environment on Ace2Three. First, you must be at least 18 years of age to take part in the game. Secondly, to prevent you from overspending, there are daily, weekly, and monthly restrictions to the amount of money that players could inject into the app. 

ace2three rummy app download screen
Play now and win you some real cash!

That’s all it is today on our guide to Ace2Three Rummy App Download. We wish you the very best experience with the game and win as much as possible. And remember, only play card games like Rummy within your limits. For more information on gaming, news, and more, visit your website at