Looks like there has been some problem with Free Fire OB23’s Advance Server release. With technical issues found right after launch, Garena has decided to press the abort button to cancel out everything. The official website for Advance Server Download and Registration has been closed down.

What happens next?

Registration for the server had been opened since July 10, with the launch of the server scheduled to happen before July 19… so that the OB23 update could be dropped in the last few days of July. Despite this blunder, Garena confirmed that this issue would not affect the release whatsoever.

Official Announcement From Garena

This means players would not get the chance to test OB23’s new features before release – Garena would have to screen out all the bugs themselves. This is actually pretty risky – as getting free bug testing from players would be much easier. It is likely that the OB23 would get bug fix patches on release due to this.

What about the leaks of OB23 features?

With no access to Advance server, there probably would not be any new leaks about features of OB23. However, a new pet, character and gun have already been confirmed.

Free Fire Plan Bermuda Tokyo 1024x683 93e0
The new Luqueta character

Lucas is finally added to the game, after various hints and reveals from way back. This character is a Brazilian Football player with a passive ability that increases his maximum HP after every kill. This made the guy super dangerous in the late game after he scored one too many kills. Lucas’ design is apparently based on Lucas Paqueta, a famous Brazilian player currently in AC Milan.

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The new AUG AR

The new gun is the AUG AR, a very precise weapon with slightly lower damage in exchange. It can be fitted with most attachments in-game. The new pet in this update would be a Penguin named Willy – with a passive that increases Gloo Wall Resistance.

Free Fire Plan Bermuda Tokyo 1024x683 93e0
Cities of Plan Bermuda

Free Fire is also going to update the Bermuda map with new locations if the Plan Bermuda Leak is to be believed. For more about the leak, please check out this article. This is probably related to the meteors falling onto the map during matches on Bermuda.