The popular MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution is having a collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (on behalf of DC) to bring Batman as well as other DC heroes to the game. For a limited time, several of Batman’s enemies will start appearing in the “Castle of Terror", and throughout the entire world in general. There is also a new Artifacts feature, which brings 16 additional DC elements to the game. The event is currently on and no end date has been specified yet.

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Batman (and his Batcycle) is coming to the game

Just having infamous Batman villains around is already great, but it is even better to fight them while dressing up as other characters from the same universe. For this event, each of Lineage’s race will have a designated costume that turns them into Batman characters. Humans can become the legendary Batman. Dark elves can wear green wigs and red lipsticks to cosplay as The Joker. Elves, meanwhile, can squeeze into the iconic leather suit of Catwoman. Dwarves, oddly enough, receive Harley Quinn as their special costume, and lastly, orcs can take on the appearance of Mr. Freeze. That is not all, each of the new costumes also comes with its respective themed mount. For example, with the Batman costume for humans comes the beloved Batcycle.

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Different races can dress up as different characters

Right now, Poison Ivy and Bane are waiting for you to come and fight them in the Castle of Terror. Meanwhile, The Riddler and Scarecrow will be coming soon as a field boss and World Boss respectively. These bosses will also get their own Monster Codex entries, which show some background information and other data about them.

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It seems this event is to celebrate the first birthday of Lineage 2: Revolution. The game is among the most beautiful and celebrated MMORPGs out there in the mobile gaming market. Its closed beta was originally launched on December 14, 2016, and the official global release was on November 15, 2017. It is highly likely that the event will help attract more players. After all, Batman is one of the most popular fictional characters, not only on comics, but movies and games too. Bringing him and other related characters to a game as visually stunning as Lineage 2: Revolution will definitely impress many people who did not pay much attention to the game before.

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Of course, getting people to play the game is one thing, getting them to keep playing is quite another. Still, there are tons of things to do in Lineage 2: Revolution, and there is an autoplay mechanic (which is quite controversial) that allows players to get involved in the game as much or as little as they want, so it can appeal to a wide range of players of all lifestyles and skill levels.

If you want to try Lineage 2: Revolution because of this, get it on App Store or Google Play right now.