Today, video game website and blog Kotaku published a huge investigative report titled "The past, present, and future of Diablo", which digs deep into the history of Diablo 4’s development and also the current situation at Blizzard at the moment. This report was likely spurred by the backlash following the announcement of the mobile game Diablo Immortal, at Blizzcon earlier this month. It contains a reference that Blizzard is working on another mobile game, but this one will be based on another popular game of the company: Warcraft.

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Fans of the Diablo series were massively disappointed by the announcement of Diablo Immortal. However, a source of Kotaku, supposedly a developer currently working at Blizzard, claims that Blizzard employees are for the most part actually very enthusiastic about it, and about mobile gaming as a whole.

This source says that the reaction to Immortal within the company is very different compared to the public. Part of the reason is that they want to work on smaller projects, and so mobile games “tend to make sense”.

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Pokémon Go seems to be particularly popular among Blizzard’s staff, and the famous giant Orc statue in the middle of the company’s campus is a Pokémon Gym that they fight to gain control over every day. It might not be too surprising that someone eventually got the idea of combining Pokémon Go with one of Blizzard’s games. So now an "incubation team" at the company is working on a Warcraft mobile game that employs the gameplay of Pokémon Go.

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The orc statue in the middle of Blizzard's campus is a highly contested Pokémon Go Gym

Hardcore Warcraft fans are unlikely to be too excited about this. Still, with World of Warcraft continuing to deliver quality content and Warcraft 3: Reforged coming, they probably will not be too harsh on the mobile title as Diablo fans were to Immortal.

Previously, Blizzard has already announced that it is working on multiple mobile projects across all of its franchises. It is not hard to see why the company would want to go in the direction of Pokémon Go. According to statistics from analysis firm Superdata in May, the game was making approximately $104 million every month, and since then it has actually climbed two ranks on Superdata's mobile game charts.