After reaching the 100 million download mark, Call of Duty: Mobile has earned a name for itself as the biggest mobile launch in game history. The game has received good praise for its premium quality as a mobile game. With decent graphics, rich content and reasonably priced microtransactions, Call of Duty: Mobile is a probable rival for PUBG Mobile.

Call Of Duty P2w 05
Call of Duty: Mobile is growing fast and stable

However, recently, there has been an ongoing controversy over a feature in the game. What stood out after the first week was the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass. While the Battle Pass gives lots of rewards to enthusiastic players, there are a few inconsistent things here.

More specifically, After maxing out the Battle Pass level to level 100, you get a variant version of AK-47 with an improved feature. The AK-47 – Red Action has a slight advantage of further firing range. That means you have an edge in long-range battles. Your shots will travel further as compared to the standard AK-47. For an assault rifle, this is a plus point worth the note.

Call Of Duty P2w 02
The Red Action version of AK-47 has improved fire range over the basic one

Moreover, in Call of Duty: Mobile, there is a variant of a sniper rifle in supply drops. This sniper gun won’t reveal your location even if you kill an enemy. Staying stealth while being a sniper is what matters the most. Catch the kill, not the attention! However, this seems to be an overwhelming advantage for one sniper rifle.

With the Battle Pass priced at $10, such privileges like having a buffed AK-47 seems to be an incentive for players to top-up more into the game. However, it seems morally bad as the game would then turn into a pay-to-win game, contrary to what people expect from such a popular game.