The charity stream Gamers Stand With India started by 8Bit Thug has gone through the first day and received lots of supports from the community. It lasts for almost 8 hours yesterday with more than 2 million views and gathered a total of Rs 11 lakh. You can watch the full replay of the stream below.

The 8 hours of the stream was full of great content and entertainment from star streamers. It was organized into many parts and one part was pro PUBG Mobile players playing with their old teammates in a custom game. That was such a nostalgic moment to see team SouL with MortaL, Iconic, Nova, and Experiment. again. ScoutOP also reunited with his old teammates Daljit, Trance, and Kratos.

Gamersstandwithindia A Charity Event Tdms With The
Fans get to see their old favorite teams play together once again

Not only viewers but the streamers themselves also donated to the stream to fight coronavirus. Thug donated up to Rs 2 lakh himself and Mortal donated Rs 50,000. Many other streamers and players such as Scout, Mamba, Ronak,... also donated Rs 10,000. But it was the viewers who have contributed the most and raise the fund up to Rs 11,35 lakh. This amount of money was calculated without the 30% cut from YouTube.

Gamersstandwithindia A Charity Event Tdms With The
Go to the stream to watch your favorite streamers and support if you can

Today is the second day of the stream and there will be more custom games and more fun shows to watch. If you are reading this, head to their stream to enjoy the show and donate to them if you can for a greater good. After today, all the donation money will go to to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus in India.

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